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MEDRELEAF CORP. is a licensed producer of cannabisbased pharmaceutical products. The Company cultivates and produces its cannabis-based pharmaceutical products including dried cannabis, cannabis oils, and cannabis oil capsules.

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Symbol: N/A
Exchange(s): N/A
Industry: Agriculture (Other Agricultural Products)
5-Star Rating:
  Mar 31, 2017
12 Months
Mar 31, 2016
12 Months
Mar 31, 2015
12 Months
% Change
Total Revenue ($000) 40,414 19,353 3,014 N/A
Earnings before Interest & Tax ($000) 15,763 3,489 -647 N/A
Profit/Loss ($000) 10,958 2,531 -724 N/A
Earnings per Share 16.35 4.40 -1.64 N/A
Total Assets ($000) 74,885 20,011 8,882 N/A
Dividends Per Share 0.00 0.00 0.00  
Return on Com. Equity 33.24 29.10 N/A  
Employees 135 133 N/A  
Trailing 12 Month Results
  12 Months ended
Dec 31, 2017, C$
Total Revenue ($000) N/A N/A
Profit/Loss ($000) N/A N/A
Earnings per Share N/A N/A
Dividends Per Share 0.00
Number of Shares 94,798,783  
Report on Business Magazine Top 1000 Ranking
Profit: 0353 Revenue: 0578 Assets:  0701  
Contact Information
Address: 200 Bay Street,
Suite 3800,
M5J 2Z4
Phone: 289-317-1004
Web Address:
E-Mail :
Company Type: Defunct  
Auditors: Kpmg Llp
Transfer Agent: Tsx Trust Company
Incorporation: Canada, Feb 28, 2013

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