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Educational Development Corporation is the United States trade publisher of a line of children's books produced in the United Kingdom by Usborne Publishing Limited. The Home Business Division distributes these books through independent sales consultants who hold book showings in individual homes and through book fairs, fund raisers and direct sales. The Home Business Division is also responsible for sales to school and public libraries. The company's Publishing Division distributes the books to book stores, toy stores, specialty stores and other retail outlets.

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Symbol: EDUC
Exchange(s): Nasdaq Stock Market
Industry: Communications & Media (Publishing & Printing)
5-Star Rating:
  Feb 28, 2018
12 Months
Feb 28, 2017
12 Months
Feb 29, 2016
12 Months
% Change
Total Revenue ($000) 111,970 106,630 63,620 50.96
Earnings before Interest & Tax ($000) 8,950 5,640 3,790 85.59
Profit/Loss ($000) 5,210 2,860 2,120 82.30
Earnings per Share 0.64 0.35 0.26 79.86
Total Assets ($000) 61,620 66,320 49,700 50.69
Dividends Per Share 0.00 0.18 0.17  
Return on Com. Equity 29.25 20.11 16.59  
Employees N/A N/A N/A  
Trailing 12 Month Results
  12 Months ended
Aug 31, 2018,us$
12 Months ended
Aug 31, 2017,us$
Total Revenue ($000) N/A 117,270 N/A
Profit/Loss ($000) N/A 5,050 N/A
Earnings per Share N/A 0.62 N/A
Dividends Per Share 0.40 0.00
Number of Shares 8,200,000 8,180,000  
Key Personnel
CEO: Randall W. White, Chairman of the Board
CFO: Dan E. O'Keefe, Chief Financial Officer and Co
Contact Information
Address: 5402 SOUTH 122ND EAST AVENUE,
Phone: 918-622-4522
Fax: 918-665-7919
Web Address:
E-Mail :
Incorporation: United States 
Securities: EDUC-Q
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Meredith Corp. TEGNA Inc. Graham Holdings
RR Donnelley & Sons Multi-Color John Wiley & Sons

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