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Abercrombie & Fitch Co. has launched an integrated campaign for its Abercrombie & Fitch brand, marking the start of its holiday season. Entitled 'This is the Time', the campaign draws from the brand's heritage of adventure and exploration, and taps into its core 21-24-year-old target customers' focus on experiences. With a heavy weighting towards digital engagement, particularly on mobile media, the integrated campaign will see the brand present on a variety of digital media and social media platforms, on TV, in movie theatres, and at music festivals. Abercrombie & Fitch has always had a spirit of adventure at its core, outfitting explorers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs; the ones who believed it was their time to risk it all, and make their mark on the world. That same spirit inspires the brand as it outfits today's 21-24-year old, living their own adventures, be it moving to a new city and making new friends, trying new experiences, or starting their first job.

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Symbol: ANF
Exchange(s): New York Stock Exchange
Industry: Merchandising and Lodging (Clothing Stores)
5-Star Rating:
  Jan 31, 2018
12 Months
Jan 31, 2017
12 Months
Jan 31, 2016
12 Months
% Change
Total Revenue ($000) 3,492,690 3,326,740 3,518,680 -2.29
Earnings before Interest & Tax ($000) 72,050 15,190 72,840 -14.06
Profit/Loss ($000) 10,530 7,720 38,560 -48.47
Earnings per Share 0.10 0.06 0.52 -48.21
Total Assets ($000) 2,325,690 2,295,760 2,433,040 -2.45
Dividends Per Share 0.80 0.80 0.80  
Return on Com. Equity 0.57 0.31 2.65  
Employees N/A N/A N/A  
Trailing 12 Month Results
  12 Months ended
Jul 31, 2018,us$
12 Months ended
Jul 31, 2017,us$
Total Revenue ($000) 3,627,660 3,335,890 8.75
Profit/Loss ($000) 51,820 -18,320 382.86
Earnings per Share 0.77 -0.27 385.19
Dividends Per Share 0.80 0.80
Number of Shares 66,750,000 68,090,000  
Key Personnel
CEO: Fran Horowitz, Chief Executive Officer
CFO: Terry L. Burman, Non-Executive Chairman
Contact Information
Address: 6301 FITCH PATH,
Phone: 614-283-6500
Fax: 302-655-5049
Web Address:
E-Mail :
Incorporation: United States 
Securities: ANF-N
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Carters Inc. Tailored Brands Urban Outfitters

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