SEI US High Yield Bond Class P
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Fund Sponsor: SEI Investment Management
Portfolio Manager: SEI Investment Management
Fund Type: Open-Ended

Asset Class: High Yield Fixed Income
5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible: Yes

Inception Date: September, 2009
Total Assets: n/a
Sales Fee Type: No Load
Mgmt Expense Ratio (MER): 2.02%
Closed: No

Min. Invest (initial): $1,000.00
Subsequent: $500.00
Min. Invest (initial RRSP): $1,000.00
Subsequent RRSP: $500.00
Restricted: No


As of December 6, 2017 *

Current Price: $13.50
Daily Change $: $0.07
1 day: 0.52%
7 day: -0.57%
Month-to-Date: -0.91%
30 day: -0.36%
Year-to-Date: 0.10%

*not current date

Returns as of October 31, 2018
Fund Group Avg Index*
1 month n/a -1.35% -1.35%
3 month n/a -0.99% -0.99%
6 month n/a -0.55% -0.55%
1 year n/a -0.95% -1.04%
3 year n/a 3.77% 3.34%
5 year n/a 2.96% 2.70%
10 year n/a 6.44% 6.26%
15 year n/a 4.07% 4.19%
20 year n/a 4.24% 4.34%
Since Inception n/a n/a n/a
3 year risk n/a 4.88 3.54
3 year beta n/a n/a 1.00
* Index refers to Globe High Yield Fixed Income Peer Index

Top Holdings as of Nov 30, 2017
Domestic Cash       3.85%
Cad Cash       1.02%
HCA Inc 5.375% 01-Feb-2025       0.69%
Sprint Corp 7.875 15sep23       0.66%
Numericable Sfr SA 7.375% 01-May-2026       0.63%
Dish Dbs Corp 5.875% 15-Nov-2024       0.50%
Dish Dbs 5.00 15mar23       0.48%
Rain Cii 7.250% 01-Apr-2025       0.42%
Wellcare Health Plans Inc 5.250% 01-Apr-       0.42%

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Distribution Report (18 Months Up To December 3, 2018)

Frequency of Income Distributions:  Monthly
Frequency of Capital Gain Distributions:  Annually

Date Income
(Current Period)
Trailing 12-
Months Total
Jul 21, 2017 0.2431   0.2431 1.0792 13.382
Aug 21, 2017 0.0426   0.0426 0.9146 13.303
Sep 21, 2017 0.0338   0.0338 0.9086 13.160
Oct 23, 2017 0.0527   0.0527 0.8994 13.514
Nov 21, 2017 0.0547   0.0547 0.8866 13.465

Investment Objectives
The objective of the U.S. High Yield Bond Fund (the Fund) is to provide a high level of total return by investing primarily in high-yield fixed income securities issued primarily by United States corporations. The Fund invests using a Manager of Managers investment strategy that involves appointing multiple specialist Portfolio Managers. Each Portfolio Manager manages a portion of the Fund in accordance with a specific mandate that is based on its expertise. Portfolio Managers are selected using in-depth research and once appointed, are subject to a rigorous monitoring process.

Portfolio Composition
as of Nov 30, 2017

Sector Weightings
as of Nov 30, 2017

Bond 95.01% 5-10 years maturity 61.23%
Cash and Short Term Securities 4.89% 1-5 years maturity 21.20%
Stock 1.43% 10-20 years maturity 2.99%
Other -1.33% More than 20 years maturity 1.27%
Unknown 0.67%
Less than 1 year maturity 0.16%

Portfolio Manager(s)

Team Managed , Team Managed: SEI Investments Manager
SEI Investment Management
Start Date: October, 2010
Fund Return: n/a
Also manages: SEI Canadian Equity Class O, SEI Canadian Equity Class Z, SEI Global Mgd Volatil Class S, SEI Global Mgd Volatil Class Z, SEI Growth Class E, SEI Growth Class O, SEI Growth Class Z, SEI Income 100 Class E, SEI Income 100 Class O, SEI Long Duration Bond Class E, SEI Long Duration Bond Class O, SEI Moderate Class E, SEI Moderate Class Z, SEI Money Market Class E, SEI Money Market Class O, SEI Real Return Bond Class E, SEI Real Return Bond Class O, SEI Real Return Bond Class Z, SEI Short Term Bond Class O, SEI Short Term Bond Class Z, SEI U.S. Large Comp Equity Class O, SEI U.S. Large Comp Equity Class Z, SEI U.S. Large Comp Equity Cls Z(H), SEI US High Yield Bond Class Z, SEI US High Yield Bond Class Z (H), SEI US Small Company Equity Class O