IA Group Can Resources (Invesco)
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Fund Sponsor: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Fin'l Services
Portfolio Manager: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Fin'l Services
Fund Type: Segregated

Asset Class: Canadian Equity Balanced
5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible: Yes

Inception Date: December, 2012
Total Assets: n/a
Sales Fee Type: No Load
Mgmt Expense Ratio (MER): 0.00m%
Closed: No

Min. Invest (initial):
Min. Invest (initial RRSP):
Subsequent RRSP:
Restricted: No


As of March 5, 2018 *

Current Price: $6.88
Daily Change $: $0.20
1 day: 3.02%
7 day: 2.05%
Month-to-Date: 4.30%
30 day: -1.31%
Year-to-Date: -11.01%

*not current date

Returns as of February 28, 2018
Fund Group Avg Index*
1 month -7.97% -1.86% -1.86%
3 month -13.59% -2.09% -2.09%
6 month -14.06% 2.61% 2.62%
1 year -26.83% 2.44% 2.52%
3 year -9.54% 2.54% 2.60%
5 year -7.97% 5.75% 5.85%
10 year n/a 4.30% 4.18%
15 year n/a 5.67% 5.74%
20 year n/a 5.14% 4.77%
Since Inception -7.69% n/a n/a
3 year risk 25.97 6.17 5.18
3 year beta n/a n/a 1.00
* Index refers to Globe Canadian Eqt Balanced Peer Index

Top Holdings as of Jan 31, 2018
Trimark Resources Srs I       99.92%
Other       0.05%
Cash And Cash Equivalents       0.03%

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Investment Objectives
Targets growth that combines long-term investments in equity securities of companies operating primarily in the natural resources sector Consistent with a sufficiently long investment horizon to tolerate market value volatility

Portfolio Composition
as of Jan 31, 2018

Sector Weightings
as of Jan 31, 2018

Stock 99.32% Energy 60.77%
Other 0.56% Materials 38.55%
Cash and Short Term Securities 0.12%

Portfolio Manager(s)

Team Managed Manager
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Fin'l Services
Start Date: December, 2012
Fund Return: -7.69%
Also manages: IA Ecoflextra GS Dis ConservativeFd, IA Ecxtra GS Strat US Growth & Inc, IA Group Asset alloc-aggress growth, IA Group Asset alloc-balanced, IA Group Asset alloc-conservative, IA Group Asset alloc-growth, IA Group Asset alloc-moderate, IA Group Bal Mod Index (BlackRock), IA Group Bal-Risk Alloc (Invesco), IA Group Balanced (Jarislowsky), IA Group Can Divid (Beutel Goodman), IA Group Can Eq Low Volatility (TD), IA Group Can Equ All Cap (Triasima), IA Group Core Plus LngTrm Bd PIMCO, IA Group Emerg Markets Eq Index(BR), IA Group Fidelity Global Select Eq, IA Group Floating Rate Bank Loan AF, IA Group Glo Dir Real Est 100% UBS, IA Group Glo Dir Real Est Port UBS, IA Group Glo Equ Low Vol ACWI (TD), IA Group Glo Fixed Income (PIMCO), IA Group Glo Infrastruc Eq Idx (BR), IA Group Glob Equ Index ACWI (BR), IA Group Global Dev Rl Est Idx (BR), IA Group Global Equity (QV), IA Group Intern Equ (Sprucegrove), IA Group Intern Equity (Aberdeen), IA Group U.S. Eq Index Non-Reg (BR), IA Group U.S. Equity (Jarislowsky), IA SRP Clc Can Equity Index Hybrid, IA SRP Clc Cdn Eq Sm Cap (QV) Hyb, IA SRP Clc Fidel NorthStar Hybrid, IA SRP Ex-Clc Cdn Eq Sm Cap QV Hyb, IA SRP Ex-Clc FORLIFE Guar Inc&Grow, IA SRP Ex-Clc FORLIFE Guar Max Inc, IA SRP Ex-Clc Fid NorthStar Hybrid, SRP 75/100 Can Eq SmCapQV Hyb75/25, SRP 75/100 Can Equ Index Hyb 75/25, SRP 75/100 Fid NorthStar Hyb 75/25, SRP 75/100 Global Fixed Inc (PIMCO), SRPCl&MyEd+ Glob Fixed Inc PIMCO