CIBC Asset Mngmnt Bond ROC S1
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Fund Sponsor: CIBC World Markets Inc.
Portfolio Manager: CIBC World Markets Inc.
Fund Type: Open-Ended

Asset Class: Miscellaneous - Other
5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible: Yes

Inception Date: March, 2007
Total Assets: n/a
Sales Fee Type: Back End
Mgmt Expense Ratio (MER): 0.00m%
Closed: Yes

Min. Invest (initial): $5,000.00
Subsequent: $100.00
Min. Invest (initial RRSP): $5,000.00
Subsequent RRSP: $100.00
Restricted: No


As of May 16, 2012 *

Current Price: $98.59
Daily Change $: $0.00
1 day: 0.00%
7 day: 6.66%
Month-to-Date: 6.71%
30 day: 6.79%
Year-to-Date: 7.44%

*not current date

Returns as of December 31, 2017
Fund Group Avg Index*
1 month n/a -0.07% 1.20%
3 month n/a 3.29% 4.45%
6 month n/a 4.30% 8.30%
1 year n/a 6.76% 9.10%
3 year n/a 4.51% 6.59%
5 year n/a 6.60% 8.63%
10 year n/a 2.02% 4.65%
15 year n/a n/a 9.02%
20 year n/a n/a 7.03%
Since Inception n/a n/a n/a
3 year risk n/a 7.20 7.35
3 year beta n/a 0.50 1.00
* Index refers to S&P/TSX Total Return

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Investment Objectives
CIBC Asset Management Bond R.O.C. Deposit Notes, Series 1 and Series 1F are an innovative principal protected investment linked to the performance of a notional portfolio initially equally-weighted between the Renaissance Canadian High Yield Bond Fund and the CIBC Canadian Bond Fund (the "Funds"), managed by CIBC Asset Management Inc. and CIBC, respectively. The Deposit Notes will pay quarterly Partial Principal Repayments based on the combined distributions of the Funds.

Portfolio Composition

Sector Weightings

Not available Not available

Portfolio Manager(s)

CIBC World Markets Inc. - Mgmt. Team
CIBC World Markets Inc.
Start Date: March, 2007
Fund Return: n/a
Also manages: Barclays Callable Point-Point E-8, CIBC 3-Year Guaranteed Return S1, CIBC Agriculture Index Growth S1, CIBC Asia-Pacific Index Series 2, CIBC Asset Mngmnt Bond ROC S1F, CIBC Asset Mngmnt FULPaY DARTS S3, CIBC Biofuel Growth Series 1, CIBC Blue-Chip Rainbow Dep Note S1, CIBC Blue-Chip Rainbow Dep Note S2, CIBC CAD Blue-Chip Rainbow S1, CIBC CI MAX Deposit Notes Series 1, CIBC Cad Financials Gr Dn S1, CIBC Callable Canadian Equity S4, CIBC Callable Canadian Equity S5, CIBC Callable Global Equity S2, CIBC Callable Global Equity S3, CIBC Callable Global Equity S4, CIBC Callable Global Equity S6, CIBC Callable Global Financials S1, CIBC Cdn Amortizing Dep Nt S1, CIBC Cdn Amortizing Dep Nt S2, CIBC Cdn Equity Guaranteed Yld S1, CIBC Climate Change Growth S1, CIBC Commodity Premium Growth S1, CIBC Commodity-Linked PEARL S1, CIBC DARTS Income Linked Note S1, CIBC Energy Commodity Growth S8, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S3, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S4, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S5, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S6, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S7, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S8, CIBC Eqty Target Redem Dep Notes S9, CIBC Gbl Diamond Deposit Notes S3, CIBC Gl Ind Enhncd Rtr PaR Nt CS1, CIBC Global Asset Linked Target S1, CIBC Global PEaRL Deposit Note S9, CIBC Gov't Bond ROC Dep Nts S2, CIBC MAN AHL Diver Dep Nts Sr 1A, CIBC MAN AHL Diver Dep Nts Sr 1B, CIBC MAN IP 220 Dep Notes S1A, CIBC MAN IP 220 Dep Notes S1B, CIBC MAN IP 220 Deposit Notes Sr 2A, CIBC MAN IP 220 Deposit Notes Sr 2B, CIBC Premium Yield S17, CIBC Total Premium Yield S27, CIBC Total Premium Yield S28, Glbl Asset-Linked PEaRL (USD) S25, Glbl Asset-Linked PEaRL (USD) S26, Glbl Asset-Linked PEaRL (USD) S27, Global Asset Growth Deposit Note S1, Interest Rate Income Strategy S2