BMO AM Global Abs Ret Bond Sr F
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Fund Sponsor: BMO Investments Inc
Portfolio Manager:
Fund Type: Open-Ended

Asset Class: Alternative Strategies
5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible: Yes

Inception Date: April, 2016
Total Assets: n/a
Sales Fee Type: No Load
Mgmt Expense Ratio (MER): 0.35m%
Closed: No

Min. Invest (initial): $5,000.00
Subsequent: $100.00
Min. Invest (initial RRSP):
Subsequent RRSP:
Restricted: No


As of September 20, 2018

Current Price: $9.96
Daily Change $: $0.00
1 day: 0.01%
7 day: 0.15%
Month-to-Date: 0.15%
30 day: 0.06%
Year-to-Date: -0.61%

Returns as of August 31, 2018
Fund Group Avg Index*
1 month -0.30% 0.17% -0.82%
3 month -0.46% -0.20% 2.02%
6 month -1.08% 0.87% 6.94%
1 year -1.18% 4.12% 10.09%
3 year n/a 3.13% 8.67%
5 year n/a 5.34% 8.30%
10 year n/a 5.06% 4.75%
15 year n/a 8.72% 8.17%
20 year n/a 10.28% 8.13%
Since Inception -0.25% n/a n/a
3 year risk n/a 10.93 6.62
3 year beta n/a n/a 1.00
* Index refers to S&P/TSX Total Return

Top Holdings as of Jun 29, 2018
Canada 0.500% 01-Aug-2018       4.58%
US Treasury 0.750% 31-Jul-2018       4.05%
Cad Cash       2.23%
United Kingdom 1.250% 22-Jul-2018       1.23%
European Investment Bank 0.799% 29-Jun-2       1.09%
Slovakia 2.250% 12-Jun-2068       0.94%
Bank Nederlands 1.000% 17-Jun-2022       0.69%
Nationwide Building Society 1.034% 12-Ap       0.65%
Sbi London 3.250% 24-Jan-2022       0.63%
Saipem Fin 2.625% 07-Jan-2025       0.62%

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Investment Objectives
The objective of BMO Global Absolute Return Bond is to provide an absolute return through a diversified allocation towards fixed income securities consistent with the preservation of capital over the medium term. Investors should be ambivalent to how the return is produced either by income or capital growth. Investors in BMO Global Absolute Return Bond should be willing to accept a long term investment with a low to medium volatility, credit risk, interest rate risk and currency risk which is capable of delivering the returns irrespective of whether fixed income markets go up or down.

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