Fund Profiles

The Fund Profile shows detailed information for one particular fund, including key facts, investment objectives, portfolio manager profiles and top holdings with links to Report on Business company snapshots. Price and performance data are updated daily for most funds. Returns as of month-end with comparisons to a benchmark and the asset class average are also shown.

Most of the details provided in the report are self-explanatory, but descriptions for some of the data are provided below. Unless otherwise indicated, the data reflect the most recent data as reported by the fund company.

Fund Sponsor - the company that issues the fund. Click the fund company name to see a Company Profile.

Portfolio Manager - Click the fund company name to see a profile of the portfolio manager(s).

Fund Type - A definition of the possible fund types follows:

Total Assets - total net assets under management by the fund.

Load Type - indicates the type of sales charge on a fund. Load type can be Front End, Back End, Both (front-end and back-end loads are charged), No Load or Optional (load is optional).

Mgmt Expense Ratio - Management Expense Ratio (MER) is a measure of the total costs associated with managing a fund as a percentage of total (net) assets. Instead of MER, some fund companies provide the Management Fee, which is strictly the cost associated with managing the fund and does not include costs such as brokerage fees, taxes, marketing and administrative costs. The Management Fee will be shown with an 'm' beside the fee to distinguish it from MER.

Closed - indicates whether the fund is open to new investments. N indicates the fund is open to new investments; Y indicates it is not.

5-Star Rating - The Globefund 5-Star Ratings, based on a system developed by Algorithmics Inc., provide a simple rating for most mutual funds in Canada. Funds are ranked from one to five stars, with the top ranked funds getting five stars and the lowest ranked funds getting one star. Click here for more information.

RRSP Eligibility - Yes indicates the fund is fully eligible for inclusion in an RRSP. Foreign indicates that the fund is only eligible for the foreign content portion of an RRSP. No indicates the fund is not eligible to be included in an RRSP.

Restricted - N indicates the fund is available for sale across Canada. Y indicates the fund is only available for sale in the provinces and territories listed.

7- and 30-day returns - indicate how the fund has performed over the last 7 and 30 calendar days respectively.

Month- and Year-to-Date - indicate how the fund has performed since the beginning of the current month and year respectively.

3 year risk - A statistical measure of the month-to-month ups and downs of a fund's returns. Money market funds, which have stable asset values, have standard deviations close to zero. Volatile, aggressive, growth funds can have standard deviations of 12% or more.

3 year beta - A measure of a fund's volatility in relation to the market index. In general, the volatility of the index is considered to be 1.00, so a beta of 1.50 would indicate a volatility level 50% greater than that of the market index.

Top Holdings - Report on Business company snapshots are available for Canadian-incorporated companies in the Top Holdings list. Snapshots contain primary contact information, the latest financial data and a link to the company's Web site. Click the company name to view its snapshot.

Distribution Report - The Distribution Report shows the frequency, date and amount of the fund's income dividends and capital gains distributions for the past 18 months. This report is updated daily. A description of some of the data shown in this report follows.

Portfolio Manager(s) - The Portfolio Manager(s) section provides a description of the fund manager and data showing their level of success with the fund. In some cases, a fund is managed by a team and individual names are not provided by the fund company. If a fund is managed by more than one person, the following information is given for each person.