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Top-tier businesses in a bargain bundle

Fabrice Taylor, CFA, publishes the President's Club investment letter, for which he and The Globe and Mail have a distribution agreement.***********If you didn't invest in CBOE Holdings a year ago, I'm going to guess that you wish you had, because you'd be up almost 40 per cent. The same holds for Bank of America (up 35 per cent), Manulife (43 per cent) and dozens of other beaten up financial firms. Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Manulife funds stack up against the benchmark

Imagine professional golf players, at their discretion, dictating which of their shots would go on record for tournament scores and which would be swept under the rug. If regulations allowed such practices, a mediocre player with a large broom might triumph at the U.S. Open. Thursday, April 03, 2014

Small-cap funds, big-picture themes

jnelson@globeandmail.comWhat are we looking for? Where funds that focus on smaller companies found opportunity in the past year.Today's search We screened three fund categories focused on smaller companies for the top 15 performers. This included the Canadian and Canadian-focused small- to mid-cap categories, as well at the U.S. small- to mid-cap category. We looked at the one year ended Feb. 28. U.S.-dollar, segregated, pooled, duplicate funds were excluded, as were those with minimum investments of more than $25,000. Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Regulators propose timelier delivery of mutual fund facts

Investment advisers would be required to give their customers a basic fact sheet about mutual funds before they buy them - rather than offering a prospectus after a purchase is completed - under a proposed new rule released Wednesday by Canada's securities regulators. Thursday, March 27, 2014

Success is predicted by low fees, not historical returns

Every day, thousands of Canadians settle into chairs in front of financial advisers. Most people don't have an interest in the stock market. They know they should be investing in RRSPs, but they don't have the time or inclination to bother with individual stocks or ETFs. Instead, they trust an adviser to select investments for them. In most cases, they end up with a portfolio of mutual funds. Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking for yield around the globe

jnelson@globeandmail.comWhat are we looking for? The world's debt market has climbed to about $100-trillion (U.S.) in size. We look for the global bond funds that turned out the best returns in the past three years. Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fund manager veers away from bank stocks

jnelson@globeandmail.comWhat are we looking for? How Canadian dividend and income equity funds performed in the past year.The screen We looked for the top 15 performers in the category for one year to Jan. 31. U.S. dollar, segregated and duplicate versions of funds were excluded. We also left out funds with minimum investments of more than $25,000 and those catering to professional groups. Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Playing it too safe

Sober investors will notice that the stock market is looking a little red-cheeked and flushed these days as it lurches around its record highs, ogling a hot IPO one moment, leering at a saucy little social media play the next. Twitter? Facebook? Hilton? The market wants to plant a sloppy kiss on every one of them. Friday, February 28, 2014

Buying into bling

Affluent individuals around the world bucked the depressed market norms of the last few years and managed to keep the luxury goods market bustling by investing in alternatives such as art, wine and supercars. Thursday, February 27, 2014

A hedge-fund legend warns of a decade of risk for Canada One of the world's biggest and most respected hedge funds predicts that Canada's economy has a tough decade ahead of it.Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates says the country's economy is just beginning a tough period of rebalancing. Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Mutual Funds

  • 1 Day
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 1 Year
  • 5 Year
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
BMO Cdn RealEstate Callable Series2 185.99  23.99
TD Global Equity Portfolio-A 9.74  6.11
Webb Enhanced Growth 3.88  5.99
HBP S&P 500 VIX ST Futures Bull Pl 8.54  5.74
Callable Yield S4 54.93  4.81
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
BetaPro S&P/TSX Cap Energy Bear+ETF 14.88  380.70
HBP S&P/TSX CpFinBull+ETF 11.30  214.29
Excel India Fund Series A 34.51  73.74
HSBC Indian Equity-I 11.19  69.67
Copernican Intl Prem Div 10.17  68.06
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
TD Health Sciences Investor Series 64.67  30.84
BMO Enhanced Callable Class Sr 1 386.76  28.75
HBP S&P 500 Bull + ETF 32.20  27.31
BMO Callable Class Series 3 360.21  26.38
CI Global Health Sciences Corp Cl 60.35  25.67

Top 5-Star Mutual Funds

  • 1 Day
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 1 Year
  • 5 Year
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
iShares China Index ETF 27.42  4.75
Fidelity China A 27.18  3.76
IA Group U.S. Equity 19.35  2.09
IA Ecflx U.S. DAQ Index 9.82  2.00
IA SRP U.S. DAQ Index 13.23  2.00
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
iShares China Index ETF 27.42  5.04
Fidelity China A 27.18  4.07
Redwood Global Small Cap Cl A 18.57  3.48
Dynamic Venture Oppt (LSVCC) Ser I 16.37  2.25
Fidelity Global Natural Resources A 32.65  2.02
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
Fidelity China A 27.18  5.52
CC&L Market Neutral A 13.88  3.96
iShares China Index ETF 27.42  3.94
Fidelity American Equity Srs A 19.29  3.74
CIBC Asia Pacific A 13.89  3.54
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
Copernican Intl Prem Div 10.17  68.06
Redwood Global Small Cap Cl A 18.57  44.37
iShares China Index ETF 27.42  42.59
Pro FTSE RAFI EM Index-A 7.99  40.76
Fidelity China A 27.18  36.59
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
Fidelity Small Cap Am Srs A 62.39  25.65
Pender Small Cap Opportunities A 24.95  25.48
CIBC Nasdaq Index A 9.61  23.35
Scotia Nasdaq Index Series A 7.78  22.93
DKAM Capital Ideas Fund LP 505.16  21.90

Top Income Funds

  • 1 Day
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 1 Year
  • 5 Year
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
Fidelity American High Yield-A 9.25  11.38
FGP Small Cap Canadian Equity 17.69  11.20
SEI Long Duration Bond-O 12.05  11.13
SEI US High Yield Bond P 13.68  11.07
BMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF 19.14  10.55

Top Growth Funds

  • 1 Day
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 1 Year
  • 5 Year
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
Mackenzie Growth-PWF 10.95  1.83
Sentry Diversified Eq PF 21.18  1.68
Sentry Diversified Eq P 19.50  1.67
Sentry Diversified Eq Class PF 15.29  1.66
Sentry Diversified Eq Class P 14.48  1.65
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
iShares Canadian Growth Index ETF 32.01  30.27
Mackenzie Canadian Growth-A 29.73  30.13
Mackenzie Cdn Growth A 29.64  30.13
BMO Low Vol Canadian Equity ETF 27.14  29.93
Stone & Co. Flagship Stock A 12.09  27.78
Fund Name Price $ Chg %
Fidelity Canadian Growth Co A 50.64  18.78
Brandes Canadian Equity Cl A 17.50  18.59
Fidelity Canadian Large Cap A 42.21  16.85
Sentry Diversified Inc Tr-X 5.56  15.98
Mawer Canadian Equity Srs A 60.68  14.90