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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
31 Jan 2005

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SPOTLIGHT: RRSP Special Report 2005

Every year The Globe and Mail carries a series of special RRSP reports aimed at the retail investor. Here is the first report for 2005.

The Future: A Juggling Act
The numbers are mind-boggling. While the number of Canadians creating registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and contributing to them has risen exponentially since the program's inception in 1957, the actual amount sheltered, by comparison, has been paltry. Almost $300-billion of contribution room is going begging, leaving Canadians with hard choices, writes Richard Bloom.

  • Start CPP Early or Spend Your RRSPs?
    Canada Pension Plan payments can begin as young as 60, at a cost, or as old as 70, with a reward. But in general, when it comes to CPP, fless is more and, when it comes to RRSPs, the longer you keep them, the better. Dianne Rinehart talks to experts about planning for the later years.
  • Saving for the Other Half
    It can be a little late - and a lot disappointing - to find out after you and your partner retire that you've missed out on one of the most effective tools to reduce your tax burden. Spousal RRSPs can make a big difference in how much money goes to the taxman and how much stays with you and your partner as disposable income. But by retirement, it's too late. Dianne Rinehart adds it up.
  • Planning Ahead: A Three-step Strategy
    Not even a year into her engineering career, 24-year-old Julie Adshade is thinking about retiring. Indeed, she feels a bit behind on her planning - she's been in the work force for seven months and is considering her first RRSP. But as life and career progress, RRSP tactics need to adapt, Theresa Ebden writes.
  • How to Avoid the Big Mistakes of RRSP Season
    Use it, don't lose it. Know when to buy. Know the tax benefit. Have a plan. Don't chase performance. Understand risk. Use spousal RRSPs. Stop procrastinating! Words of wisdom from Jim Yih.
  • Fewer Canadians Look to RRSPs, Poll Finds
    Nearly two thirds of Canadians now have a registered retirement savings plan, according to a recent RBC Financial Group/Ipsos-Reid poll. Mutual funds are the most popular investment, and nearly 73 per cent of those surveyed seek investment advice from a financial adviser, up from 67 per cent in 2002 and 2003. Richard Bloom has more.