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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
17 Jan 05

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SPOTLIGHT: 'Tis the (RRSP) Season

How to Scout World for RRSP Foreign Content
Canadian equities represent a slender 3 per cent of the global equity market. That leaves investors struggling to fit 97 per cent of foreign markets into a slim 30-per-cent allowance within their registered retirement savings plans. Keith Dams
ell has some tips for the globally-minded.


MUTUAL FUNDS: High Notes, Hungry Hedge Funds

  • Mutual Funds Cap Year on High Note
    Canada's mutual fund industry capped 2004 on a festive note, with a strong December performance contributing to the highest annual sales in three years. The bullish year-end stoked speculation that investors are accelerating their purchases of mutual funds as the March 1 deadline for registered retirement savings plans approaches. Roma Luciw looks back... and forward.
  • Hungry Hedge Funds Stir Up Trading Volumes
    In stock trader heaven, a new takeover is announced every day. In this perfect world, each new acquisition features an ever-changing combination of cash, stock and other bits of paper. Companies keep bumping up bids, every deal is contested, and the value of all the moving parts keeps jumping around, which means hedge funds that try to arbitrage these deals keep buying and selling. Andrew Willis makes sense of it all.

PERSONAL INVESTING: Under the Hood, '05 Themes

  • Diagnose and Repair Clunker Stocks for Free Online
    Uh oh, the ''check engine'' light's gone on in your stock portfolio. One of your stocks is malfunctioning and you've got to diagnose the problem in much the same way as a mechanic does when that incredibly annoying ''check engine'' light on your car flashes red. Rob Carrick gets under the hood.
  • Money Manager Sees Nine Crucial Themes for 2005
    Patrick McKeough, publisher of the Successful Investor newsletter, sees nine crucial investment themes for 2005.The money manager says he won't be making a particularly big bet on any one of these: He likes to cushion his portfolios from downdrafts by staying well-diversified. Carolyn Leitch looks at his technique.
  • Investor Aces Futures Market Trades
    As far as the authorities in Ed Twardus's native Poland are concerned, the 57-year-old is ''still on vacation.'' That's a long break, given he left the country in 1971. At one point in the 90s, he was making $50,000 to $70,000 a day on corn futures. He also does some regular stock investing, and one of his major rules is "I don't invest in companies that can't compete with China." Tony Martin has the story.
  • A Complete Distribution History is Crucial When Picking a Trust
    You have to wonder whether some income trusts are being lazy or evasive in neglecting to provide easy access to key information. If their main appeal is the fact that they pay out cash every month or quarter, then you shouldn't buy one without first finding out how well it has maintained and, ideally, increased its payout over time. Rob Carrick tells what to look for.

ETC: Does Timing Matter?

  • Market Timing? What's That?
    Market timing? Is that how long it takes to do your grocery shopping? Only 41 per cent of Canadian investors are aware of the mutual fund industry's market timing scandal, a poll to be released today found. And of that group, only half -- about 20 per cent of all investors -- have a sense of the details. Keith Damsell examines the implications.
  • Growth Predicted For Asset-Backed Securities
    The Canadian structured finance market is expected to grow this year with the anticipated return of Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec as a player in the commercial mortgage-backed securities market, says a senior executive at Moody's Investors Service. Allan Robinson looks at some opportunities.