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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
10 Dec 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT:  Much Ado About Dues

Members of Industry Group Balking at Hike in Dues

Advocis is cranking its membership fees by up to 50 per cent, a hike that has some financial planners and insurers fuming. ''It is a mess,'' said one insurance underwriter whose annual dues are skyrocketing from $490 to $744. ''They are pulling back services, charging us more and giving us less.'' Read Keith Damsell's report.

PERSONAL INVESTING: Passion for Philanthropy

  • How to Give With a Passion and Get the Best Tax Relief
    Donors realize instinctively that having a passion helps donors commit more completely to philanthropy, give more of their time and money, and increase their personal satisfaction and impact.
    Tim Cestnick has some tips for making donations count.

INCOME TRUSTS: Victims of Success?

  • Getting a Fix on Broken Trusts
    Income trusts, those all-Canadian, investment-banker-job-saving creations, have had a great run for the past three years. Problem is, the best trusts are getting absurdly expensive, according to Derek DeCloet.
  • Once Ignored, Calloway REIT Now a Major Player
    Two years ago, Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust was the smallest REIT in Canada. The struggle to get it listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange raised a mere $50-million. Now it's Canada's top-performing REIT, with a total return of more than 39 per cent. Gail El Baroudi takes a close look.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Package Deals, Cut-Rate Loans

GOVERNANCE: Watching the Watchers

  • Create National Securities Body, Report Recommends
    Stronger enforcement of white-collar crimes and the creation of a national securities commission would improve corporate governance in Canada, according to a new study by The Public Policy Forum. Janet McFarland has the details.
  • Brokerages Reach Deal With Watchdog Over Market Timing
    The brokerage arms of three of Canada's big banks have reached settlement agreements with authorities for allegedly failing to detect and prevent ''potentially harmful'' market timing activities in mutual funds. Karen Howlett investigates.