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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
11 Nov 2004

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SPOTLIGHT: Wooing Advisors

Fund Firms Woo Advisers to Get Onside
Throughout the mutual fund industry, fund companies are working hard to win the loyalty of independent financial planners. And the pressure is intense. Reporter Keith Damsell examines the delicate art of winning your loyalty. It "hinges on product, performance and, above all, relationships." Read Damsell's full report, and view the table of fund firms and the advisory firms they own.

INVESTING: What's Your Style?

  • Blame Your Personality, Not the Stock Market space
    spaceAll investors make mistakes; it's part of the learning process. But what isn't so obvious is that an investor's personality has a big hand in determining what mistakes he or she is most likely to make. Angela Barnes investigates.
  • The Globetrotting Investor
    While global equity funds are the easy, smart way to diversify your portfolio outside Canada, there may be times when you want to emphasize a particular country. Rob Carrick has some suggestions.

INCOME TRUSTS: Ready For The Big Time?

  • It's About Time Income Trusts Joined the S&P/TSX Index
    For those who don't want income trusts in the S&P/TSX composite index, also known as the Bay Street chapter of the Flat Earth Society, Rob Carrick begs to differ.
  • Picking an Income Trust Fund
    We keep hearing dire predictions that suggest the income trusts market is going to implode. Don't worry about it! It won't happen. Gordon Pape looks at some of the better picks.

PERSONAL INVESTING: Serving Seniors, Risky Business

  • Seniors May Be Underserved space
    When Theresa Hunt's husband died several years ago, he left her a little money that she decided to invest with the help of an investment adviser. Rob Carrick has a cautionary tale.
  • Retiree Focuses on Risky Plays
    Before ''retiring,'' Mike Halvorson did a good deal of corporate finance and investor relations work. At 59, the Edmonton man is an independent investor, focusing on risky, early stage exploration plays. Tony Martin has the story.

TODAY'S PAPER: Back to School

  • Shopping for an MBA? Ivey has the (free) ticket for you space
    The Richard Ivey School of Business wants you -- and it's willing to foot your travel bill to London, Ont., to sample its MBA classes. The travel deal marks an escalation of the marketing wars as schools cope with shrinking numbers of masters of business administration candidates.  Gordon Pitts has the scoop.
  • How AGF can get its damaged house back in order
    This has been an unhappy year for the CEO of AGF Management: Customers are leaving, assets are falling, and securities regulators are investigating funny trading activity in its mutual funds. Derek DeCloet has some suggestions.