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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
8 Nov 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: The Allure of Dividends

The Best Way to Buy Dividends
Own the shares of a company that regularly increases its dividends, and you put yourself in a position to receive ever-growing income and benefit from a rising share price. The total return possibilities are just amazing. Read Rob Carrick's analysis.

TAXES: Cestnick on Trusts

  • First Families, Second Marriages
    If you're in a second marriage and you want your kids from your first marriage to eventually inherit what you leave behind, you had better plan for this to happen. Tim Cestnick explores the options.
  • Income Trust Values Are Justifiably Higher Than Shares
    If you're like many, you may have debated with yourself over the merits of investing in these things. Are the high valuations really justified? In many cases, the answer may be "yes." Tim Cestnick explains.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Is Bigger Better?

  • Best and Worst of the Biggest
    In the mutual fund industry, you don't have to be good to be big. We have looked at 25 of the most widely held Canadian equity funds and found that it would be a serious mistake to assume that a big fund is a good fund. Rob Carrick has the numbers.

And: RRSP Contributions Edge Higher, But Well Below Potential

  • Income-Paying Funds can be Risky Ventures
    Fund companies are filling the void left by low-yielding bond funds by offering income-paying mutual funds with an equity component and higher distribution yields. Unlike bond funds, the distributions aren't fixed, and in some cases are unsustainable. Levi Folk investigates.

INVESTING:  Canadian Funds Shine

  • Canadian Content Fuels Funds in October
    Soaring oil prices and solid domestic economic growth helped mutual funds invested in Canadian stocks outpace their U.S. counterparts last month. But preliminary results indicate that sales among the Canadian mutual fund industry remained in negative territory for the second consecutive month in October. Roma Luciw adds it up.

Plus: Time to Take a Look at Canadian Fund Companies?

  • Dealers Bring U.S. Assets To the Income Trust Party
    When it comes to income trusts, Bay Street has decided we don't really need the Americans to have a blow-out party. With trust financings proving a tough sell south of the border, dealers such as BMO Nesbitt Burns are selling U.S. assets to the domestic market. Andrew Willis has more.
  • Index Funds Best Way To Go for a Little Americana in Portfolios
    Whether you're rejoicing or retching over the U.S. election results, there is one investing fact that stands out: Accounting for just over half of the global stock market, the United States is a must-have in your portfolio. Rob Carrick explains.