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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
21 Oct 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Fixed Income Alternatives

Real Return Bonds
The expectation of rising interest rates over the past couple of years has generated interest in real return bonds (RRBs). Dan Hallett thinks it's too little too late.

The Rise of RRBs
More fund companies are deciding they want to get into real return bond funds. Dynamic is the latest one to make a move, bringing to six the number of real return bond funds available to investors. Gordon Pape has some advice.

Log in to and click for a Real Return Bond fund report

Check the Fine Print on Rising-Rate GICs
Let us now return to those golden interest rates of yesteryear, when a conservative investor could buy an 8-per-cent GIC and then coast in comfort. Rates have edged to as little as 3.15 per cent today. Rob Carrick advises what to look out for.

INVESTING: Contrarians vs Anti-Contrarians; Portfolio Pruning; Balancing Act

  • Contrarian Investing: Do the Opposite
    Advisors and investors may be weary of buying investments from a class with already negative performance, but thatís the better time to build long-term exposure. Dan Hallett explains.
  • Stick to Buy and Hold
    While contrarian investing can work with individual stocks, it's a fool's game with funds. Rob Carrick says stick to the tried and true.
  • Pruning Your Portfolio
    It's good to be diversified, but too much diversification can choke the life out of your retirement savings. Dale Jackson keeps the balance.
  • Couple Strive to Meet Two Sets of Goals
    A Toronto couple face a common problem -- how to balance their present needs with what they'll require in the future. Together they net $86,000 a year. Andrew Allentuck explores their options.
  • Will Energy Trusts Lose Their Steam?
    Energy trusts have never been more popular, driven by eager investors coveting juicy distributions supported by ever-higher commodity prices. But some argue that paying out large amounts of cash from a depleting asset base is a recipe for disaster. Dave Ebner looks at both sides.

Corporate Governance; Joy Riding

  • Poll: IR Pros Favour National Securities Regulator
    New regulations and corporate governance issues are having by far the biggest impact on Canadian businesses, according to a new survey of investor relations professionals. The Ipsos-Reid poll also found tremendous support for creation of a national securities regulator. Dave Ebner has the story.

PLUS: New Rules Mean No Rest For Investor Relations Executives

  • Income Trusts: Cap Fought on Foreign Ownership
    The Finance Minister has proposed that at least half of the fair market value of an income trust must be controlled by Canadian residents to avoid ''tax leakage,'' where generous distributions from domestic assets go to Americans or other foreigners. The income trust sector disagrees. Dave Ebner examines the issues.
  • Market Timing: Fund Firms Joy Riding
    So a few traders at a few mutual fund companies may have been involved in market timing - no big deal, right? Wrong. Dale Jackson has the real story.

PERSONAL TAXATION: Renting Out US Property

Canadian Residents Face Tax on U.S. Rental Income
Q: We would like to purchase a condo in Florida to spend our winters down south, and rent it out in the summer. What are the Canadian and U.S. tax implications? A: Read Tim Cestnick's analysis.