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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
16 Oct 2004

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SPOTLIGHT: From Bay Street to Omaha

Buffett's Berkshire Could be the Right 'Fund' for Your Clients
Berkshire Hathaway is somewhat like a U.S. equity mutual fund in that it's invested in a wide range of companies chosen by Warren Buffett and his team. Better, it charges no management fees and its performance is simply outstanding over the long term. Most U.S. equity funds can't beat the same S&P 500 index that Berkshire routinely demolishes. Read Rob Carrick's full report.

  • CI Manages to Steal Spotlight from AGF
    What is going right -- and wrong -- at two Toronto-based mutual fund rivals? In September, CI reported $40.2-billion total mutual fund assets under management, up from $28.5-billion a year erlier. AGF, meanwhile, saw $264-million head out the door, its 29th consecutive month of net redemptions. Keith Damsell tells the tale of two fundcos.
  • Boutiques: In a Year of Dread, Small Guys Having a Merry Time
    The asset base of Saxon Funds has tripled in the past 15 months, and the outlook could hardly be better. Other flyweight fund firms have also prospered from strong returns, low MERs and above-average minimum investment requirements. All this in a climate that's relatively grey. Rob Carrick explores which firms gain as others swoon.

MANAGER PROFILE: O'Shaughnessy's Quantitative Approach

  • Vulcan of Bay Street Refuses to Let Emotion Get in the Way
    For James O'Shaughnessy, it's cold, hard data that holds the secrets to understanding the equity market. Mr. O'Shaughnessy oversees three U.S. and Canadian equity funds on behalf of RBC Asset Management Inc., using a computer-driven quantitative model for stock picking that is showing strong results. Keith Damsell reveals his success secrets.

INDUSTRY TRENDS: The Promise of Higher Returns

  • Structured Products Lure Investors
    Fed up with weak equity markets, investors are flocking to retail structured products , innovative higher-risk investments that promise better returns. The fund industry has also warmed up, and a handful of fund companies are adding structured product strategies to their funds. Read Keith Damsell's report.

HEDGE GUY: Martin Braun Waxes on

  • Choose a Theme and be Prepared to Make Some Money
    What is that elusive stock market silver bullet -- the one clear thought that illumines everything? Ever heard of "theme investing?" writes hedge fund manager Martin Braun. "Pick the right theme and you're standing on second with a ground-rule double. Execution will bring you home." Read Braun's full report.
  • The Allure of Lingerie, Gold and Wireless
    Stock picking is perilous. But here are some sound ideas from the principals of Strategic Advisors Corp: La Senza, High River Gold and Nextel top the list. Read Martin Braun's full report.

TODAY'S PAPER: Russian Steal? Royal Group...

  • Why Russia's Steel Giant is Eyeing Stelco
    Russian steel giant OAO Severstal is eyeing Canada's faltering Stelco Inc. as a way to reduce the risk of doing business at home, industry experts in Russia say. Sound logic or just bizarre? Read on.

PLUS: Russians Eye Stelco Takeover - Reguly

  • Royal Group Probe Heats Up
    The intrigue surrounding Royal Group Technologies Ltd. deepened yesterday as the RCMP revealed that it has executed search warrants in connection with its investigation into the company's dealings with a luxurious Caribbean resort and trading in its shares remained halted for a second day. Karen Howlett and Paul Waldie explain.
  • Trade Data Show Why Canadian Stocks on Top
    The tales of two markets diverged a little more yesterday, as the economics underpinning Canada and the United states continued to head in different directions. David Parkinson sheds light on the economic good news.