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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
24 Sep 2004

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SPOTLIGHT: Crackdown on Market Timing

Impact of Market Timing: Long-term Investors are Often the Biggest Losers

It's a subject that's often as confusing as it is unethical. Here, Globe reporter Karen Howlett cuts through the obfuscation and gives a concrete example of how market timing can harm long-term investors in a mutual fund. Read Howlett's full report.

PLUS: Market-Timing Fines Should go to Investors, Advocates Say

  • OSC Finds Questionable Fund Trading
    The Ontario Securities Commission has found questionable trading activities at some of the eight mutual fund companies it has examined so far as part of its probe into potentially abusive market timing, industry sources say. Karen Howlett and Keith Damsell explain.

MORE HOWLETT: Wider Crackdown Expected

DECLOET: OSC Strike Against Fund Industry Just First Volley

CARRICK: OSC Can Still Turn Investigation into Victory for Small Investors

DAMSELL: Skepticism over Funds Seen Deepening

FUND FEES: Index Fee War is Brewing Down South

  • Canadian Fund Firms Should Follow U.S. Lead on Price Competition
    Fidelity Investments in the U.S. has slashed MERs on five index funds to 0.10 per cent from between 0.19 and 0.47 per cent. E*Trade then made things even more interesting by lowering the MER on two in-house index funds to 0.09 per cent. If you follow index funds in Canada, laments Rob Carrick, you'll want to weep. Read his full report.

ECONOMICS: Average Joe's Balance Sheet More Volatile

  • Canadian Households Show New Pattern in Financial Condition
    Dismal scientist Bruce Little recently encountered a startling statistic: Canadians' household debt -- mortgages plus consumer credit -- amounts to more than 100 per cent of their after-tax income. Little explains why the current trend is significant.

Divorce Industry, Barbarians and Home Renovations

  • Divorce: The Spoils of Splitsville
    For many Canadians, divorce is now the most expensive event in their lifetimes. There is a litany of statistics: 35% go into debt in the wake of a marital breakdown; 28% are forced to sell off household items and personal assets; and another 22% borrowed from family to cover the costs of their divorce. Read Susan Bourette's expose of the divorce industry.
  • Leveraged Buyouts: Barbarians Inside the Gates
    Pitched battles among the barbarian horde -- the likes of KKR, Carl Icahn, Bain Capital -- for non-core, poorly managed high cash flow businesses are the stuff of Wall Street and Bay street legend. John Lorinc sheds light on the buyout game, and the tactics and sophistication of its varied practitioners. Read Lorinc's full report.

PLUS: More than 300 on U.S. Billionaires' Row

  • Home Improvement: Rona's Bob the Builder
    Seemingly overnight, hardware lifer Robert Dutton has taken Rona from small-town Quebec to a head-to-head battle with Home Depot. His next reno is the trickiest one yet. Konrad Yakabuski files this report.