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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
16 Sep 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Ethics and the CPH

  • Ethics Course has Brokers on Right Track, but What about Management?
    As of earlier this summer, aspiring brokers and other financial professionals must study ethics as part of a Canadian Securities Institute program called the Conduct & Practices Handbook Course. It's easy to dismiss this initiative as mere cosmetics, but that would be unfair. Applied Ethics in the Securities Industry, as the CPH course module is enticingly titled, has an unambiguous, do-the-right-thing message that the financial sector's rookies would do well to absorb. Read Rob Carrick's full report.
  • Boutique Fund Companies Generate Buzz
    A handful of little-known boutique fund companies have become the fastest-growing segment of the stale sector. In the case of Mavrix, the company is benefiting not only from being in a vibrant niche market, but it is generating its own buzz by doing things differently. There aren't too many other fund firms where money managers take their message directly to planners, on a daily basis no less. Keith Damsell reports on Mavrix, Saxon, ClaringtonFunds, Seamark and Sentry Select.
  • Chou's Straight Talk is More Reassuring than Feel-Good Reports
  • You buy into the Chou family for the outstanding long-term consistency of manager Francis Chou, writes Rob Carrick. Chou's track record of excellence and forthright communications with shareholders only enhances his appeal. Read Rob Carrick's report.

PORTFOLIO: Spending at Home

  • Sometimes the Most Profitable Portfolio is a Patriotic One
    Rob Carrick poses this all-too-familiar question: "How much of a balanced portfolio should be invested at home and how much elsewhere?" He gives the experts an opportunity to comment. Read Carrick's report.
  • Bulked up Bond Funds
    Some of Canada’s smaller bond funds - which admittedly make up a small subset - have started bulking up, writes Dan Hallett, CFA.A growing contingent among bond funds is attempting to juice returns by holding positions in stocks and income trusts. Dan Hallett reports on this trend.

Splitting Accounts; Streak Survives; Seniorpreneurs

  • Mutual Fund Sector Rails at Splitting Accounts
    The mutual fund industry has condemned a plan to force small investors to operate separate accounts with a brokerage and a fund company. Critics argue an overhaul of current practices -- now under review by the Ontario Securities Commission -- threatens the sector's survival because of higher costs. Keith Damsell explains.
  • Sales: Funds' Winning Streak Stays Intact
    The mutual fund sector breathed a sigh of relief yesterday as $49.8-million in new money was invested last month, paltry net sales that nevertheless continue the industry's tentative recovery. Read Keith Damsell's report.
  • Canada's 'Seniorpreneurs' Boosting Activity: Survey
    Get the goods from this StatsCan study: The number of companies run by entrepreneurs over 55 has jumped 30 per cent in the last three years, four times faster than their younger counterparts. More than 2.4-million Canadians are now self-employed. Sinclair Stewart files this report.