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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
7 Sep 2004

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SPOTLIGHT: Einsteins of Fundland

  • It's Time for Fund Einsteins to Show their Worth
    "With the stock market as flat as a plate of warm beer," writes Rob Carrick, "all the genius equity fund managers out there have a unique chance to show their stock-picking chops." Kim Shannon, Peter Cundill, Gerry Coleman and James O'Shaughnessy have been singled out as some of the bright lights. Read Carrick's full report.
  • Quarterly Statements: Fund Firms Need to Write More Clearly
    If quarterly statements from fund companies leave your clients dazed and confused, you aren't the only one. The Globe and Mail asked five experts who closely follow the sector to review quarterly statements from 12 fund companies chosen at random, and they found them lacking. Read this report from Keith Damsell.
  • Struggling AGF Trying to Reinvent Itself
    The second business day of the month has been an all-too-regular reminder of the troubles that ail AGF Management Ltd. That's the day the mutual fund industry reveals monthly sales figures -- or in the case of the Toronto firm for the past 27 months, net redemptions. Fund Reporter Keith Damsell explains.

THE BIG SIX: Profits, Expansion and Loans

  • More Borrowers, Fewer Deadbeats are Boosting the Bottom Line
    Customers at the Big Six banks have been borrowing more with fewer defaults. It's a winning combination helped along by a buoyant economy, and it's expected to keep bank profits rising into the future. Read Andrew Willis's analysis.
  • TD plans aggressive thrust into U.S. market
    Toronto-Dominion Bank is expected to double the size of its newly acquired U.S. branch network to $60-billion (U.S.) in assets in the next few years, with analysts already listing the next takeover targets. Read Andrew Willis's take.

ETC: Black a Kleptocrat?

  • Panel Alleges Black Ran 'Corporate Kleptocracy'
    Conrad Black and colleague David Radler systematically looted Hollinger International over seven years, as a complacent and ineffective board of directors rubber-stamped their illegal actions, according to the final report of the company's special board committee looking into alleged wrongdoing at the firm. Read Richard Blackwell's report.

PLUS: Are Criminal, Civil Charges Next?

MORE: Abuse of Dual-class Share Structure at Root of Debacle

  • Great Leaders Inspire Us All
    Read this true story that focuses on the clarity that inspired leaders have on three important aspects of their lives: destiny, cause and calling. Read Lance Secretan's report.
  • For a Day at Least, Indexes Mirror Two Countries' Fortunes
    The second quarter marked a crossover between the Canadian and U.S. economies, as growth in Canada moved ahead of that of the United States for the first time since the first quarter of 2003. David Parkinson examines how two economies diverged.