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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
26 Aug 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Energy, Forestry, Steel

  • ENERGY: 'Incredible Washout' Sees Crude Plunge
    Don't write the obituary for the bull market in crude prices, warns one analyst, despite the "washout" in crude prices over the past few trading days. Other analysts believe that a sensible price for the black gold is close to US$25 than the US$48-plus that crude oil has reached in past weeks. Read Patrick Brethour's full report.

Plus: View a stock chart for oil futures
(first log in to, then click the link)

  • ENERGY: Asia's Thirst for Oil to Persist
    Asia's economic expansion has been at the core of a surge in global oil demand that has sent prices jumping and raised fears of a possible oil crisis. Now, China is taking measures to slow its economy. Will a cooled-down Asia finally take some of the froth off global oil prices? Read this report from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bombay.
  • FORESTRY: Lumber Seen Nailing a Record
    Speculation that bellwether lumber prices will hit a record high has sparked just-in-time buying as traders scramble to meet demand from the booming U.S. housing sector. Read Peter Kennedy's report.

Plus: Riverside Regards Takeover Bid by Tolko as Too Low

  • STEEL: Rolling Out the Profits in Steel Making
    These are the halcyon days of steel makers, their season in the sun. Pricing has never been so good, profits this easy. Share prices have exploded. If all you did last summer was buy steel stocks, you'd be a star. Read Martin Braun's insight.

PERSONAL FINANCE: On Portfolio Management

  • Don't Blow up Your Investing Plan over Abusive Trading
    While now more aware of illegal trading practices such as market timing, writes Rob Carrick, most investors will do nothing, which is as it should be. As disturbing as abusive trading is, it's not a reason to blow up an investing plan and start over. Read Rob Carrick's well-argued analysis.

New Fund Guidelines; New Double Sawbuck

  • Trust Mania Cools, but Market Still has Legs, Experts Agree
    Today's more sober income trust market means criteria for companies wishing to convert into a trust may toughen up, conditions that will raise the bar and benefit all investors, industry sources say. Last week, two new trust candidates surfaced, both mature companies with steady cash flow. Read Keith Damsell's report.

Plus: Penn West's Conversion to Trust Marks End of an Era

  • New Fund Guidelines to Curb Trading Abuses Seen as Weak by Critics
    The mutual fund industry unveiled guidelines to combat abusive short-term trading and market timing yesterday, but critics within the industry complained that the measures are discretionary and lack enforcement. Keith Damsell explains.
  • Redesigned $20 billTwenty Bucks: Canada's Most Popular Bill Gets Facelift
    A brand new $20 bill, featuring a portrait of an older Queen Elizabeth, illustrations of works by West Coast artist Bill Reid and updated anti-counterfeiting features, will go into circulation next month. Peter Kennedy highlights the security features.