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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
19 Aug 2004

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Stricter Rules on Mutual Funds Urged space
The Ontario government should beef up governance of mutual funds and expand the rights of investors to sue public companies as two top priorities for securities regulation reform, corporate  lawyer Purdy Crawford said yesterday.  Janet McFarland has more.

ALSO: OSC Advised To Create Separate Tribunal for Securities Offences

PLUS: Almost Five Years Later, Where's the OSC Review?

MUTUAL FUNDS 2: Playing It Safe

  • Merrill Survey of Fund Managers Finds Them More Pessimistic, Risk Averse
    Global fund managers have become increasingly risk averse and significantly more pessimistic about corporate profits and the U.S. stock market, according to the latest monthly Merrill Lynch and Co. Inc. survey. Angela Barnes reports.
  • Science and Tech Funds Take a Beating
    Equity funds that invest in science and technology were beaten down by nervous markets in July as high oil prices, potential terrorist attacks and fears of a soft patch in the global economy unsettled investors. Read Carolyn Leitch's report.
  • Canadian Investors Piling into Income-Oriented Funds
    Canadian investors continued to favour income-oriented mutual funds in July, the latest industry sales figures indicate.Last month, dividend and income funds raked in $369.7-million in net new sales, excluding reinvested distributions, making it the best-selling fund class, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada reported yesterday. Keith Damsell has more.

ETC: Spending Habits, Advisor Evaluation, Good Gas Prices,
Employee Taxes

  • Negotiating a New Job? Think Outside the Tax Box space
    The latest edition of the Income Tax Act has 2,430 pages this time around. Just nine of those pages deal with deductions available to employees. Tim Cestnick looks at alternatives to those nine pages.

  • Canada's Wealthy Not Cheapskates, Poll Finds space
    There's a better than one-in-five chance that a key reason you hardly ever see your wealthy neighbours is that they're away on holiday. About 21 per cent of affluent Canadians take four or more vacations a year, according to a survey from American Express Canada Inc. Read this special report.
  • CFP Designation is Consumer's First Line of Defence
    It's simple to do a rudimentary background check on a financial adviser: Just look for the letters CFP after his or her name on a business card, website or advertisement. Rob Carrick explains why.
  • Seven Reasons Why Rising Oil Prices are a Very Good Thing
    Oil prices hit another record yesterday -- $47.27 (U.S.) a barrel. Rejoice. Eric Reguly explains why this is better news than you might think.