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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
12 Aug 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Mutual Fund Alternatives

  • Ethical Investment Proving a Hard Sell in Canada
    Mutual fund investors are bearish when it comes to ethics. Despite a long list of corporate scandals that have put business morality under the spotlight, ethical or so-called socially responsible investment (SRI) funds continue to be of little interest to Canadians, industry sources say. Keith Damsell looks at the reasons.
  • Your Sector Selector
    One of the biggest crapshoots in investing is choosing a sector mutual fund. They're a lot more volatile than core equity funds, which means they have the potential to deliver double- or even triple-digit gains as well as grievous losses. Rob Carrick adds up the risks and rewards.
  • Mutual Fund Firms Pan Proposed Rules
    The country's largest mutual fund firms argue that National Instrument 81-106 (the CSA's proposed policy to improve fund disclosure so investors can make more informed decisions)  is poorly timed, costly and awkward to implement. Keith Damsell checks their agenda.

THE MARKET: Stocks and Bonds

  • Tide of Portfolio Trading Threatens to Erode Commissions
    Everyone on the Street acknowledges that the future of trading will see more stock changing hands on electronic networks at far lower commissions. What folks might not realize is that the future is now. Read Andrew Willis' report.
  • It's Time to Change How Tonds are Traded
    You probably don't buy many government or corporate bonds -- that's your fund manager's job -- but you might be shocked if you did. That's because the ''markups'' can be extortionate by equity trading standards. Not two or three times as much. Try 10 times. Eric Reguly does the math.

CASE STUDIES: Getting (and Staying) Intrigued

  • Retired Ad Man Takes Disciplined Approach to Stock Markets
    Now 76, Charlie Gervais has been retired off and on since he hit his fifties. The ''on'' part isn't financially driven, it's because ''I keep getting intrigued by things.'' Tony Martin has more.
  • Balancing act for Mr. and Mrs. Inc.
    Ben and Leidy Vermeulen have been in love -- and business -- together since 1967.The husband-and-wife team have managed to transform a small boat-building business into a $50-million company that employs more than 450 people and does business all over the world. Erin Pooley looks at the value of teamwork.