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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
4 Aug 2004

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EDUCATION: Spotlight on RESPs

Free Money Helps Make Up for Lost RESP Time
If you're a parent, registered education savings plans are almost as essential a financial planning tool as registered retirement savings plans. Yet a Statistics Canada study suggests nearly half of parents are unaware of RESPs. Rob Carrick sermonizes.

  • Crackdown Overdue
    What took them so long? The crackdown by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) on scholarship trusts is welcome news, but it should have happened a long time ago, according to Gordon Pape.

Looking for Quality (With Difficulty)

  • Here's One Remedy For a Sagging Stock Market: Stick to Quality
    Market strategists will tell you that there is an optimal time to focus your attention, and your money, on high-quality stocks. How about now? All the signs are there, according to Derek DeCloet.
  • Market Is Even Worse Than It Looks
    A no-lose market can be humbling for an active hedge fund manager. If last year was like shooting fish in a barrel, this year you might be the fish. Martin Braun has the discouraging details.
  • Manager Bullish on Resource Stocks
    Fund manager Margot Naudie sees plenty of reasons to continue to be bullish about resource stocks, not the least of which is the ascendancy of China on the world economic stage. Read Angela Barnes' report.


  • Mutual Fund Sales Stay Solid
    An estimated $550-million in new investment was sunk into Canadian mutual funds last month, with July net sales estimated at between $350 and $750 million, up from $321 million this time last year. Keith Damsell adds it up.
  • Don't Worry: The Hedge Fund Sky Is Not Falling
    All of a sudden, warnings of the next great financial collapse are everywhere. They're not about an imminent tech crunch or a wave of bankruptcies triggered by record high oil prices. They're about hedge funds. Eric Reguly looks at the hype.
  • High-Income Plays
    Calling all savvy, risk-tolerant investors with an open mind and a hunger for high-yielding securities. Your attention is directed to a small group of bond funds that offer an intriguing alternative to your garden-variety fixed-income products. Read Rob Carrick's report.
  • A Safety First Portfolio
    People are reluctant to commit new money to stocks. Mutual funds seem to be anathema right now, as U.S. scandals threaten to surface here. No one wants bonds because of interest rate fears. What to do? Gordon Pape has some suggestions.