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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
29 July 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Fund Givers, Takers and Mergers

More givers needed in the world of mutual funds
The mutual fund world has its givers and its takers. Givers are fund companies that have controlled costs and fees to consume less of their returns than they did a few years ago. The takers are fund companies that are helping themselves to a bigger slice of the pie than ever. Several big players are part of both groups. Rob Carrick names names.

Mutual fund firms mull consolidation
Another round of consolidation may be coming in the mutual fund sector. ''There has to be fewer fund companies. I don't think there is any doubt about that,'' says Bill Holland of CI Fund Management Inc. Keith Damsell looks at some candidates for early merging.


Don't outlive your money
Outliving your money is the ultimate retirement nightmare in these times of fast-increasing life spans. It's not unreasonable to expect to spend 40 years in the work force and then 25 or 30 years drawing on the money you accumulated in your registered retirement savings plan. Rob Carrick asks, "Will you have enough?"

Employee loans creative benefit
If your employer is willing to lend you money, you could be better off than borrowing from the bank. If it's for a home purchase, there's even better news. Tim Cestnick adds it all up.

To buy or rent a burning question for freelancer
At the age of 43, Montreal freelance artist Maria Ellsworth (not her real name) wants to buy a house. There's a problem, however, because her annual net income, $34,320, is based on fluctuating contract work. Andrew Allentuck explores her options.

THE BIG PICTURE: Jobs and Profits

Canada's big cities are racking up big job growth, too
Canada's big cities have become the key drivers of job growth in the past decade. After losing ground in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the country's six biggest urban areas have racked up a 30-per-cent increase in total employment, double the advance for smaller cities, towns and rural areas. Bruce Little looks at the implications.

The corporate profits party is raging -- but not for long
The second-quarter profit parade has only just begun, but already it looks as though U.S. corporations have turned in another blockbuster, expecting a rise of 24 per cent from last year. But can it last? Mathew Ingram investigates.