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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
22 July 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues


Molson, Coors agree to merge
Canadian beer giant Molson Inc. and Adolph Coors Co. ended a week of speculation Thursday, unveiling a $6-
Photobillion (U.S.) merger that will transform the two family-controlled companies into what they say will be the world's fifth-largest brewing company by volume. But many questions remain:

MUTUAL FUNDS: Fees and Risks

  • Let's get fund brokerage fees out in the open
    The OSC are accepting comments until July 27 on financial information disclosure rules for funds. What's missing is a requirement that fund companies clearly show how brokerage commissions affect returns. Rob Carrick reports.
  • CI Fund sets date for plunge into risky world of short-selling
    CI Fund Management Inc. will join the growing list of mutual fund companies short-selling stocks within its portfolio this September, an increasingly popular practice that has divided the industry and been condemned by some small investors. Keith Damsell has the story.

RESPs, Capital Gains and the Deluge To Come

  • Take matters into your own hands with your RESPs
    Financial adviser Mike Morrow has noticed a difference in the way people invest for themselves and for their children. They say, ''I don't mind losing my money, but I don't want to lose my kid's money.'' Rob Carrick reports.
  • With bears more persuasive than usual, consider survivalist mode
    The stock market's version of the survivalist movement says you should buy gold and commodity stocks, or keep your money in cash, because everything else will be crushed in the deluge to come. Rob Carrick doesn't necessarily disagree.

  • Tax planning required to minimize capital gains
    Question: My friend invested in rental properties in a resort area and has large unrealized capital gains. Is there a tax planning vehicle to delay or eliminate these gains on death? Answer: Read Tim Cestnick's analysis.
  • Home-business operator learns her lessons
    Like many Canadians, Christine Nicholls's life -- both job-wise and financially - has had many twists and turns. And on both fronts, she's found something she can stick with for the longer haul, each time thanks to a ''eureka'' moment. Tony Martin explains.


  • Four ministers for business to watch
    For Canada's business community, there may be a bit more to the new cabinet unveiled yesterday by Prime Minister Paul Martin than appeared on the surface. There were at least four appointments worth noting -- two keepers, a rebirth and a new guy. Bruce Little weighs in.

Plus: Business groups laud cabinet picks