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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
16 July 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Law & Order

PhotoPrison for Martha
Martha Stewart, the celebrity design diva synonymous with domestic perfection, was sentenced Friday to five months in prison, five months of home confinement and handed a $30,000 (U.S.) fine for lying to U.S. authorities about a stock sale. Read Roma Lucic's full report.

More: Questions of Insider Trading Raised in OSC Probe

  • OSC Cracks Down on RESP Sector
    The Ontario Securities Commission has blocked two of the leading players in Canada's burgeoning education savings plan sector from taking on new business and put a host of restrictions on others in a crackdown on an industry it says is rife with problems. Read the latest from Karen Howlett and Paul Waldie.
  • Costello Loses Appeal of OSC Ruling
    High profile personal finance commentator Brian Costello has lost his appeal of an Ontario Securities Commission decision that found he gave investment advice at seminars without proper registration. Read the full report.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: Special Needs, Bogus Insurance

  • Financial plans tough to make for family with special-needs kids
    Family life in a small Ontario city ought to be affordable on a combined gross income of $87,000 a year.  But what if your children have special and very costly medical needs that are only partially covered by provincial programs? Andrew Allentuck reports.
  • There's little justification for balance insurance
    The only reason for taking out credit card balance insurance is to bolster bank profits. There's simply no other justification for insuring the unpaid balance on your credit card against, say, death or serious illness. Rob Carrick explains.

Martin's Cabinet, To Risk or Not To Risk? and... The Goat

  • Bay Street's Pick: Goodale by a Nose
    Bay Street is playing it coy because there's so much at stake, but many in the financial community want Ralph Goodale to remain Finance Minister when Paul Martin names his new cabinet next week. Failing that, they'd opt for Anne McLellan in the post. Read Andrew Willis's Streetwise insight.
  • Mutual Investors Shun Equities for More Conservative Products
    Investors continued to shun equity funds last month, opting to put the bulk of $491-million in new investment into conservative income, bond and balanced funds, the mutual fund industry reported yesterday. Read Keith Damsell's report.

Plus: Asia Funds Seen as Hot Performers

  • ConjuChem: Investing in Biotech a Risky Business
    The vagaries of investing in biotech were never more obvious than after drug developer ConjuChem Inc. posted mixed clinical test results for a highly touted diabetes treatment, igniting a selling frenzy that halved the stock price yesterday. Read Leonard Zehr's report.
  • Enter The Goat
    The Globe and Mail's premiere business gossip columnist (sorry, investigative journalist!) is now available on Chewing his way through the high and mighty, The Goat digs out the human story behind the headlines three times a week. Catch his latest column today!