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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
18 June 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: The Highs and Lows of Indexing

Has Indexing Lost its Lustre?
The recent bad press concerning index-investing is largely undeserved and short-sighted, laments fund analyst Dan Hallett. The reality is that investors can do a lot worse than indexing, and should really spend their (and their advisor's) energy on crafting suitable investment strategies and on constructing well-diversified - and efficient - portfolios. Read Hallett's take on index investing.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Fast-Growing PH&N...Gold Bugs...May Sales

  • PH&N: A Reality Check on the Most Saintly of Fund Companies
    Ottawa-based Rob Carrick hops aboard a plane to visit the headquarters of Vancouver-based PH&N. Does the company that charges a puny 1.18 MER have the digs to match? What are the firm's strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities? And what's the story on the $25K minimum investment? Get the full scoop.
  • Rising Gold Prices Lead Precious Metals Funds to Outperform
    An uptrending gold price helped equity funds that invest in shares of gold and precious metals producers to post an average gain of 4.1 per cent in May to outperform all other mutual fund categories. Longer-term, the group's 12-month return has averaged 32%. Carolyn Leitch reports.

  • IFIC: May Sales Fall $267-million Short of Estimate
    Canadian mutual fund sales in May fell $267-million short of the industry's initial estimate, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada reported yesterday. IFIC attributed the earlier incorrect figure to a clerical reporting error. Keith Damsell reports.

TODAY'S PAPER: Tory Math ...Drugs 'R Us...

  • Think Tanks Cast Doubt on Tory Platform's Math
    Two major economic think tanks cast doubt yesterday on the Conservatives' platform whose measures add up to $57.8-billion over 5 years. The economists argue that it is unlikely that the Conservatives can cut taxes and boost health care while keeping their vow not to slash social services. Read Heather Scoffield's report.

Plus: Change of Leaders Won't Mean Rising Rates any Time Soon

  • Canadian Internet Drugs Safer than from Abroad, U.S. Says
    A U.S. report that says drug shipments to American consumers from Internet pharmacies in Canada are safer and more reliable than from other countries, is expected to fuel support for three bills before the U.S. Senate to legalize drug imports from Canada. Read Leonard Zehr's report.

  • Analyst Downgrades Banks, Feels Mergers are Unlikely
    The growing prospect that Canadians will elect a minority government on June 28 has prompted one analyst to downgrade the shares of three banks who are likely targets for mergers. Read her outlook for equities vs. bonds.