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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
11 June 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Income Game Gets More Complex

Striving to Win Income Game
With interest rates tilting upwards and the global economy heating up, Carolyn Leitch asked market pros for their forecasts into income trusts, bonds and dividend-paying securities. The risks, they assert, are abundant. Read Carolyn Leitch's full report.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Labour Funds...SRI..Managers Wake up to Asia...

  • Labour Fund Moratorium
    Fund Analyst Dan Hallett, CFA, declares his rules when recommending labour-sponsored investment funds: "I do not recommend LSIFs with assets below $50 million...I never recommend brand new LSIFs because there is too much uncertainty regarding how much money a fund will raise. Read Hallett's Mutual Fund Insight.
  • Specialist out to Prove SRI Makes Good Business sense
    Rob Carrick profiles a proponent of socially responsible investing who advocates SRI as plain common sense. But the proof, as always, is in the returns. Read Carrick's analysis.
  • Asia Funds Seen as Hot Performers
    Mutual funds that invest in Asia and its emerging markets will be the hottest performers over the next five years, according to portfolio managers surveyed by one industry observer. Read Carolyn Leitch's report.

TODAY'S PAPER: Pensions...Mergers...Immelt on Management

  • Hard-hit Pension Funds Forced to Rethink How they Invest
    The collapse of equity market values, growing pension fund deficits and general economic volatility require a sharper, more sophisticated approach than the now outdated portfolio policy of 60 per cent stocks and 40 per cent bonds with pension funds, one expert suggests. Read Bertrand Marotte's report.

Plus: Reguly: Aussies Made it Clear -- No Bank Mergers

  • Immelt: GE's CEO shares His Tips for Better Management
    In Fast Company, GE's CEO Jeffrey Immelt displays his leadership acumen by sharing a 10-point checklist he uses when teaching at the company's famed management development centre. Tips include understanding breadth, depth and context and simplifying constantly. Read Harvey Schachter's full report.