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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
20 May 2004

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SPOTLIGHT: Pensions - Public & Private

Rebounding markets boost CPP results
Rebounding global stock markets helped the Canada Pension Plan to a 17.6-per-cent return, its best yearly performance since the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board was created in 1999, and a reversal from a loss of $1.1-billion or 1.5 per cent for fiscal 2003. Shirley Won has more.

  • Most Canadians know little about their pension plans, study finds
    Most Canadians cannot correctly answer basic questions about their company's defined-contribution pension plan, and get little help from corporate education programs, a new survey by SEI Investments Canada has found. Janet McFarland has the details.
  • Retirees' benefits under siege
    Dave McKenzie retired from Procter and Gamble Inc. at the relatively young age of 56 -- but took with him a generous package of company-provided health benefits and insurance that will continue in full, even if he lives to be 100 or more. Read Wallace Immen's report.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Hot Sales, Cold Feet and New Rules

  • Sales roar in best April in years
    Canadian investors pumped a net $1.4-billion into mutual funds last month to mark the industry's best April sales tally in six years, according to the Investment Funds Institute of Canada. Carolyn Leitch has more.
  • Managers adopting defensive posture, study says
    Increasingly worried about inflation and the possibility of slower economic growth, global fund managers have become significantly more averse to risk in the past month, according to the latest monthly Merrill Lynch and Co. Inc. survey. Angela Barnes investigates.
  • Proposed NI 81-107 needs work
    Proposed National Instrument 81-107 proposes to replace a number of the existing rules and regulations pertaining to conflict of interest issues in mutual funds. Dan Hallett finds several areas of concern in the new guidelines.

  • DSCs on way out
    Investment Executive recently reported that the sales of deferred sales charge (DSC) funds account for roughly half of mutual fund sales - down from about three-quarters just a few years ago. Read Dan Hallet's report.

PERSONAL INVESTING: Retiring (from) Debt

  • Couple aiming for debt-free retirement
    Twelve years ago, Luis and Bettina Reyes arrived in Canada to study mathematics. After adapting to the climate -- a rather large change from their first home in Asia, the Reyes (not their real names), got advanced degrees and went to work for a major insurance company based in Toronto. More from Andrew Allentuck.
  • Jacking up your GIC income
    The eternal hopefulness of the conservative investor is about to be rewarded by higher interest rates on GICs. Rates of 1 to 3 per cent for one- and five-year terms are bound to improve, but you'd have to be hopeful to the point of delusion to expect quick and meaningful increases. Rob Carrick has more.