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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
15 April 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: A Leg up on Rising Rates

Now's the Time to Plan for Higher Rates
Economists are unanimous: Interest rates have nowhere to go but up. Now's the time for you and your clients to prepare for the rate hikes that 2005 may bring.
Tips include: Locking the mortgage into a a fixed term; revisiting fixed income investments; bracing for a pullback in income trust valuations. Read Rob Carrick's full report.

  • Change of Leaders won't Mean Rising Rates Any Time Soon
    What would a Democratic White House and a Minority Liberal Government in Ottawa mean for investors? Well, the stock market would mourn the loss of one of the most market-friendly administrations in U.S. history, as would the Canadian economy. Read economist Jeffrey Rubin's take.

TAXES: Keeping Clients

CANADIAN MONEYSAVER: Trust Primer, China Rolling Along

  • Income Trust Primer
    For clients who are not familiar with how income trusts work, here's a detailed breakdown of the risks, potential rewards, the various types of trusts and the elusive concept of return of capital. Read Rachel Michaud's report (in pdf format).
  • Developing A China Portfolio
    Demand from China has pushed up global prices for a host of commodities, including iron ore, aluminum, coal, cotton, nickel, petroleum, palm oil, and steel. Will further growth also push up the valuations of companies that do business in China? Read David Stanley's report (in pdf format).

TODAY'S PAPER: Rate Fears, Inflation and Japan

  • Rising Rates Won't Doom the Income Trust Sector
    Fear of interest rate increases has been taking its toll on income trusts. But talk to the money managers and analysts who follow the sector on a daily basis, and the view is investors still haven't come around to the idea that each trust is unique, and just like a stock needs to be judged on its own merits. Streetwise columnist Andrew Willis explains.

More: Fears of Rising Interest Rates Trigger Sector Selloff

  • Fund Managers Say They're Worried About Inflation
    Merrill Lynch & Co.'s latest survey indicates that global economic growth will strengthen in the next 12 months, while commodity prices will flatten or decrease. Read the survey results.
  • More Managers Seen Tempted by Japan
    Undervalued. That's how many global fund managers view Japanese stocks. Thirty-eight per cent of respondents to Merrill Lynch & Co.'s latest survey saw Japan as having the best corporate profit outlook. Read Angela Barnes's full report.