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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
08 April 2004

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SPOTLIGHT: F-Class Fund Revolution Stalls

Loss of AIM Mars E*Trade's Cheaper Investing Bid
On-line broker E*Trade Canada on March 30 announced it would sell F-class mutual funds from Elliott & Page and AIM Funds Management. Problem is, writes personal finance columnist Rob Carrick, AIM won't allow its F-class funds to be sold by E*Trade after all.

Whatever transpired, Elliott & Page is the only company to allow E*Trade to sell its F-class funds. Until E*Trade signs up a fund industry giant like AIM, then, the F-class revolution for do-it-yourself investors is effectively on hold. Read Carrick's F-class fund report.

PLUS: All the Major Players Should Join F-Class Fund Parade

MUTUAL FUND NEWS: Booming Sales, Bad Timing, Soft Dollars

  • Mutual Fund Sales Boom in March
    The big banks continued to lead the sales of funds last month with TD Asset Management taking the No. 1 spot with $612-million in net sales, according to IFIC's preliminary figures. It was followed by RBC Asset Management Inc. with $573-million, CIBC Asset Management with $398-million and BMO Funds with $335-million. Read Showwei Chu's full report.
  • OSC Chief Says Market Timing May be Occurring
    The chairman of the OSC had acknowledged that illegal market timing, a practice that has sparked a regulatory furor in the U.S., could be taking place in the Canadian mutual fund industry. The regulator plans to detect wrongdoing through on-site reviews of some firms. Read Karen Howlett's full report.
  • Outcry Over 'Soft Dollars' Sparks New Hard Line
    Pressure is building in the U.S. to put an end to the practice of so-called soft dollar transactions in the mutual fund industry. Lobbyists, irate politicians, and several fund companies are looking to ban or restrict the practice. Read this insightful primer on soft-dollar transactions:

TAXES: Cestnick on Borrowing

  • Interest Deductions Lost Under Proposed Law
    The Department of Finance's recent proposed changes to Canadian tax law will generally deny interest deductions to just about any investor borrowing to invest in common shares, mutual funds, or many other marketable securities. Tim Cestnick delves into this issue.

Profiles: Encana...Hedge Fund Manager Martin Braun