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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
26 February 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: RRSP Last Minute Report

Division of RRSP Pie is More Crucial Than Its Filling
The asset allocation model is much more important to the success of a client's registered retirement savings plan than the actual funds, stocks, bonds, guaranteed investment certificates and sundry other investments. Rob Carrick explains.

Also: Fitting Retirement Goals To Client RRSPs

Fund Firms Encounter Cautious Customers
Canadians are socking more money into Canadian stock funds than they've taken out for the first time in nearly two years, and generally feeling optimistic, industry insiders say. Still, after a three-year bear market and some abysmal performance from some mutual funds, investors are more cautious. Read Carolyn Leitch's report.

Parenting From Beyond The Grave - Part 2

  • Trusts Can Encourage Productivity In Children
    A productivity trust can make children feel they are in control, but still control distributions of funds to ensure your purposes are met. Tim Cestnick continues to explain how to ensure that your heirs do the right thing after you're gone.

Also: Part 1 - Use Incentive Trusts to Reward, Not Punish

INDUSTRY NEWS: Marriages... Trouble With Funds

  • Marriages in Fund Industry Continue
    Industry leader Investors Group Inc. has agreed to pay up to $106-million for a controlling stake in IPC Financial Network Inc. John Heinzl looks at the implications.
  •  Be Assured: OSC Fund industry Investigation Will Find Abusers
    They probably don't know it yet, but a few Canadian mutual funds may have started down the road to ruin this week. The Ontario Securities Commission has asked about 30 companies for detailed explanation of large after-the-bell fund purchases or sales. Read Andrew Willis' report.
  • Numbers Add Up To Trouble
    Statistics can tell us a lot about the relative health of an industry. The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) has identified some serious underlying problems. Gordon Pape explains.


Corporate Canada Set To Spend Again
Corporate Canada is set to ramp up capital investment after a two-year slump, suggesting that businesses are exploiting the strong dollar so they can boost imports of cheaper equipment and become more competitive. Bruce Little, Wendy Stueck and Kevin Cox explain.

  • Some Stocks Can Reap Benefits Of Low Rates
    Economist Jeffery Rubin, who happens to own bank shares, explains how tumbling interest rates give a boost to lending institutions, utilities and telecom service providers. Read Jeff's report.