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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
5 February 2004

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Value Investing Guide

A Beautiful Find
That's the goal of all value investors, who begin by crunching the numbers. However, value managers can't all be painted by the same brush, as experience, subjectivity and good old gut instinct always comes into play. Read Wayne Lilley's report on finding value.

  • Crunching the Numbers
    Value investors have used the same ratios for decades, from Price to Earnings to Return on Capital. You can get the numbers instantly these days, but interpreting them is still an art. Read the definitions of these ratios and view the table showing 28 TSX companies that matched the following criteria:
    • Price/Earnings less than 10
    • Price/Cash Flow less than 5
    • Price/Book Value less than 5
    • One-Year Return on Capital more than 10%
    • One-year Return on Common Equity more than 10%
    • Debt/Equity less than 1.

The Best from Report On Business Magazine

  • Genius Provocateur: The Smartest Guy on Bay Street
    He made millions for RBC Dominion, and is now suing for wrongful dismissal. He has also quietly become very rich. Perhaps more than anything, though, Roland Keiper sage, oddball, crusader has proven that buying and selling stocks is not a game of chance. Read John Daly's fascinating profile of Roland Keiper.
  • Traders: Take This Job...
    The traders who are lucky enough to play with the house's money have a limited shelf life at any investment dealer. If so-called pro traders, for "proprietary traders," are any good at all and some are superb they soon realize that there's more money to be made working independently. Andrew Willis profiles 5 such souls.
  • Advice to WestJet: DON'T BLOW IT
    Keith McArthur asks: "Will scrappy little WestJet catch that industry disease, overexpansionism?" Will excess and ambition dampen the bottom line? Read McArthur's report.

More: Discount Airlines Rev Up

GLOBE INVESTOR: Report on Mutual Funds

  • Precious Metals Lead the Way for Investors
    Investors who put their money into precious metals, Latin American and natural resources equity funds came up big winners last year, while those who parked their proceeds in Canadian bond, foreign bond and labour-sponsored funds missed out on a fabulous year. Read Showwei Chu's full report.
  • Funds Take Flight on China's Economy
    Based on the Butterfly Effect, many top mutual funds in Canada in 2003 owe their lofty returns to a Chinese economy that's taking flight. John Heinzl explains.

Fund Sales, Customer Complaints

  • Mutual Fund Sales Gain More Traction
    As Canadian mutual fund sales continue to pick up speed, sales figures show that the big banks and popular income trust funds are reaping the biggest benefits, while marquee names of the 1990s continue to languish. Read Carolyn Leitch's analysis.
  • Insurance Firms Take the Cake When it Comes to Complaints
    When it comes to generating complaints from customers, insurance firms took the big prize last year. Yes, car insurance loomed large here, but property and disability insurance also generated a lot of unhappiness. Read Carrick's report.
  • Andrew Rankin: Fast Friends Chose Different Paths
    Reporter Paul Waldie chronicles the paths of two friends, Andrew Rankin and Daniel Duic. The OSC alleges that Mr. Rankin and Mr. Duic made dozens of stock trades based on information supplied by Mr. Rankin. Read the full report.