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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
26 Nov 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues



    New accusations of accounting shenanigans and improper trading are not what advisors or their clients want to see just when markets are improving. In this report:

    Dealings with now-disgraced Enron have thrown TD Bank into the headlines.
    A major income-trust, recently discovered to have fudged the past few years' results, now announces the departure of a key exec.
    And, a researcher is examining whether dubious US mutual fund trading practices might be occuring north of the border.

    Hold your nose and read on.


  • TD Knew Enron Cooked its Books
    A court-appointed monitor investigating Enron's fall charges that TD "aided and abetted" the energy trader's balance-sheet games. Eagerness to win the business, the monitor says, led to ignoring red flags. But TD disagrees, and calls their dealings with Enron "normal". Read the full report, including details on now-public internal e-mails.

    MORE ON BANKS: TD Swings To Profit

    PLUS: Canadian Banks Seen As More Profitable, Less Risky For Shareholders


  • Atlas CEO Resigns from Income Trust
    The departure this week of Atlas Cold Storage Income Trust's president and CEO is the latest chapter in a tale of misstated financials and inflated profits. What do professional investors think of the freezer firm's prospects for recovery?

    MORE INSIGHT: View a stock chart for Atlas Cold Storage Income Trust


  • Mutual Fund Abuses Found in Canada
    A Stanford economist who worked alongside Eliot Spitzer investigating the mutual fund scandal in the U.S. claims there is evidence of similar trading problems occurring in Canada. Working from a small sample of Canadian global equity funds, he says some improper trading practices, namely "stale pricing" arbitrage opportunities, occur here. But is there solid evidence of actual wrongdoing?


MUTUAL FUNDS: Metals Funds Shine in October as Price of Gold Takes Flight

INCOME TRUSTS: Bonuses Fine, But New Trust's Bosses Must Show Own Acumen

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