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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
19 Nov 2003

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SPECIAL REPORT: Conrad Black's Waterloo


  • Yesterday's Baron Couldn't Adapt
    Globe and Mail Business Columnist Eric Reguly asks: "How did Lord Black go from formidable to finished in less than a week? The better question is: How did his empire last so long?"

    Conrad Black's newspaper empire has unravelled. He was a scion from another era who, some accusers say, played fast and loose with corporate governance. Read new details on the scandal, and what defenses the key players are putting forward.

  • Hollinger's Board Served Only One Master
    Black's exit from Hollinger came as the result of an uprising by minority shareholders. A symptom of the tightening current governance climate, the Hollinger scandal provides a cautionary tale. Read this report by Globe and Mail Business Reporter and governance expert Janet MacFarland.


  • Lord Black: The Plutocrat We Love to Hate
    Conrad Black's fatal flaw, Globe and Mail columnist Gordon Pitts opines, was that he thought the rules didn't apply to him. For the sake of doing it his way, a legacy was tarnished. Read this illuminating article on the long- ago roots of Black's famous audacity.


RETIREMENT PLANNING: StatsCan Raises a Red Flag

  • Poor RRSP Planning May Make for Lean Golden Years
    A StatsCan report issued this week provided some alarming numbers on who gets what out of out of the nation's retirement savings. Some actuaries report that, while those in good employer pensions will luck out, other workers may end up with less retirement income than they expect.


MUTUAL FUNDS: Benchmarking Questions; New Ways To Hedge

STOCK MARKETS: IPO Risks; Tech Talk; The Street's Losing Streak

  • Clarington IPO: Reasons for Advisors to be Careful
    Clarington Corporation, the firm that owns Clarington Funds, recently announced its plan to go public. Mutual Fund Insight columnist Dan Hallett writes: "An IPO by such a successful firm may seem like a no-brainer investment, but advisors should be careful about jumping head-first into this puppy." Read Hallett's full rundown on pros and cons of the offering.


  • Analyst Rethinks Techs
    The U.S. stock market is currently struggling through a broadly based drop. Global uncertainty and cuts in economic expectations produced profit-taking. Read what bank analysts think will come next.


  • Wall Street Can't Snap Losing Streak
    Read why the technology analyst at Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. is bullish on some tech subsectors.