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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
11 Nov 2003

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SPECIAL REPORT: Easy Fixes to Fund Industry?


  • Timing Couldn't Be Better For Some Easy Fixes in Fund Industry
    The scandal over late trading in the US mutual fund industry has already cost some top money managers their jobs. Here, The Globe and Mail's Streetwise columnist Andrew Willis describes the mechanics behind late trading, why it represents a ripoff to the small investor, and how regulators can prevent the same abuses from occurring here.


  • Fund Information Flow is the Real Problem
    The fund industry abuses currently under investigation south of the border involve giving brokers, hedge funds, and other traders preferential treatment.

    Matthew Ingram reports that these abuses have their basis in unfair information flows. Here's the case for handing more control to Main Street, rather than letting Wall Street and Bay Street have the monopoly.

    PLUS: U.S. Fund Scandal Prompts OSC Move


  • Bigger Fund Ripoffs Exist Than Illegal Trading
    Could it be that some of the things mutual fund companies do perfectly legally every day are just as much a scandal as the illegal late trading they're being knocked for? Globe and Mail Vox columnist Derek DeCloet thinks so. Read and judge for yourself whether his complaint that fundcos charge unreasonably high fees for the returns they garner is fair.

    READ MORE ON MUTUAL FUNDS: Mutual fund inflows seen on rise




    HEDGE FUNDS REPORT: The Reality on Risk; An Expert Offering


  • It's Time For Hedge Funds To Grow Up
    Hedge fund managers, Rob Carrick writes, are always eager to say they've been given a bad rap on risk. Fact is: "Hedge funds are sophisticated investment vehicles that can work to mitigate risk in some cases, or blow it out of all proportion in others."

    What are they all about, and how can advisors assess whether a given hedge fund is a suitable component for client portfolios?

  • Stable Of Money Managers Offers Recipe For Retail Hedge Fund
    Mississauga-based Pro-Hedge Funds Inc. has recently set up an offering based on pulling together a "dream team" of proven money managers. Read the names, and learn how the firm back-tested its strategic approach.


OVERALL MARKET OUTLOOK: Corporate Earnings, Index Outlook

  • U.S. Profits Seen Taking Lead
    A recent BMO Nesbitt Burns report based on earning forecasts tracking says the profit growth of U.S. corporations should begin to outpace Canadian companies beginning in the fourth quarter and continuing in 2004. Advisors who have clients invested in US Equity funds will want to read the full story.


  • Manager Sees Little Further Gain for Index
    Read why a senior equities analyst from Montreal's Optimum Asset Management Inc. says Canada's benchmark S&P/TSX Composite index has already realized most, if not all, of the gains it will see this year.


FIXED INCOME UPDATE: Squeezing Out Higher Yields; Rate Speculation; Gut Feel

  • Fixed Returns Can Be Juicier
    One approach for clients who want to "juice up" the returns they're getting from fixed-income investments involves moving from government bonds into corporate issues. This detailed article explains how to exploit the risk-reward tradeoff to improve yields.


  • Traders Betting Central Bank Won't Cut Interest Rates
    Recent bond trading activity suggests the pressure on Canada's central bank to cut rates next month has eased. Traders are betting on a global economic recovery and a worldwide shift towards tighter monetary policy.


  • Trust Your Gut
    Think it sounds irrational to say "act before you think" or "trust your gut"? While logical analysis remains a must, your instincts can also provide valuable help in decision-making. Read these five thought-provoking rules for tapping into your instinctive abilities.