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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
23 Oct 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Winning Back Trust
  • Fund Firms Bulk Up RRSP Ad Budgets
    Globe and Mail marketing columnist John Heinzl writes that, with markets looking up, consumers are likely to see a spate of new TV and print ads from mutual fund companies. Winning back trust, rather than trumpeting performance numbers, will be the focus. Here's the advance word on mutual fund companies' ad strategy.

  • Altamira Putting Boom-Bust Days Behind It
    Altamira CEO Greg Reed says the company's attitude has shifted: "Trying to position yourself on performance is like generals fighting the last war," he notes. Plus: How the company plans to move from a "customer service culture" to a "customer advisory culture".


  • Hold On To Those Dividend Stocks
    Dividend stocks are falling behind the broader market right now, but this article provides evidence that they continue to offer reliability and performance. Read the details on a recently-released UBS Warburg study that describes why and how, though dividend stocks may sag, they deliver over the long run.


TAX FOCUS: Plan To Minimize Estate Taxes

  • Choose Beneficiary Carefully To Save Tax
    Some of your clients could potentially save their families thousands of dollars by naming their estate, rather than their spouse, as the beneficiary of their RRSP. Globe and Mail Tax Columnist Tim Cestnick details how.


INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Investor Relations & Annual Reports

  • IR's Uphill Battle
    Investor relations professionals play a key role in markets: they're responsible for churning out the press releases and massaging the messages that come from the companies whose stocks you and your clients own. The industry has been tested by anxiety and negativity in recent years. Read the current perspective from the keepers of the information pipeline.


    PLUS: IR Pioneer Takes The Long-Term View


  • Bar Set Higher For Annual Reports
    Annual reports are a key resource for some advisors. These days, companies are building more disclosure and transparency into their reports. Here, experts identify what new and useful information is being revealed.


  • Caisse to Shut Investment Arm
    A major makeover-slash-retrenchment is in the offing at Quebec's biggest pension fund, as the the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec announces that it will shutter its institutional investment management arm.


MARKETS: Investors Take Profits