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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
17 Oct 2003

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SPOTLIGHT: Tax Solutions for Fund Investors


  • The Opportunity That The Bear Created
    You can help your clients exploit tax laws to "soften the mutual fund tax burden," writes Dan Hallett in a recent issue of Canadian MoneySaver. Funds that have carried forward capital losses may offer potential tax shelter for future gains. Hallett reveals which funds fit this description, and describes how the tax provisions work.


  • Owning -- Things, Companies, or Debt?
    An unusual situation: the stock market and the bellwether US long bond have both spiked in recent months. Prospects for both are uncertain.

    The bottom line question: where to put clients' money? David Stanley's answer: consider commodities. Take in this article for quick look at how to participate in this asset class.


  • It's Party Time But Don't Get Too Intoxicated
    We're "off the bottom", analysts crow, as many third-quarter earnings expectations surprise on the upside.

    The US data spells economic recovery, with accompanying investor confidence -- but will the Canadian market follow suit? Canadian experts weigh in and spell out their calls.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Picking The Elusive Winner

  • How To Pick Funds The Way The Wealthy Pick Money Managers
    An advisory service to high-net-worth clients tells how these individuals pick money managers -- providing insight as to for how you can best pick fund managers to trust with your clients' money. The emphasis is on track record and volatility, with a nod to fund-of- funds as products with potential.


  • Fund Managers Foresee More Profit, Rate Volatility
    Merrill Lynch's monthly survey of fund managers reveals their view that equities are cheaper now than a month ago, and more asset allocators are overweight stocks. Plus: geographic sectors with the most promise are singled out.


  • Fee Rise Says Watch Out For Hidden RRSP Costs
    Caveat emptor for your clients: there may be hidden charges and escape fees attached to their bank GIC and RRSP investments.

TECH FOCUS: NASDAQ Sags, But Will Some Issues Surge?

BANKING FOCUS: Financials Climb; TD's Next Move

  • Bank Stocks Keep Bay Street On Roll
    Financials are "the single largest equity sector on the index", which is why when banks do well, the S&P/TSX index shines. Read the update on bank stocks and more.


  • An Armchair QB Ponders TD's Best Play With Waterhouse
    TD Waterhouse is being courted for a strategic alliance by US brokerage firms. Here, The Globe and Mail's Streetwise columnist Andrew Willis provides a combination financial analysis of the firm with a psychoanalysis of its CEO Ed Clark. Click for the full article to read the tea leaves.