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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
10 Oct 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Happy Birthday Bull Market

SECTOR UPDATE: Mileage May Vary In New Economy Stocks

  • Techs' Results Expected To Match Stellar Stock Gains
    As stocks in general continue their outperformance, some Wall Street analysts are saying techs will follow suit. And this time, revenue is actually keeping pace with the run-up.
  • Analysts Downgrade Telecom, Cable Sectors
    Some analysts are cutting ratings on the telecom and cable TV sectors, reflecting a less positive view of several major companies. If your clients own stocks in these sectors, read on to find out which names are under scrutiny.

PERSONAL FINANCE: Mortgage and Fund MER News from Rob Carrick

  • Rewards-Based Mortgage Not Necessarily A Smart Financial Move
    Banks aim to woo your clients with new mortgage products that offer rewards-program lures. But Rob Carrick writes that the loss of a rate discount isn't worth the perk premium.
  • Is Your Fund Firm Earning Its Keep?
    What larger funds offer good value and reasonable fees? A measure called the Fund Fee Value Indicator, which considers both fees and returns, helps identify them. AIM Trimark and PH&N are singled out for kudos, while other companies' funds don't fare as well.

THE DOLLAR: 7-Year Record Set

  • Dollar Bounds Past 75
    Internationally, investors are abandoning the US greenback, which means a relative boost for the loonie. Economists are calling this the "strongest year ever" for our dollar. This has finance ministers concerned, and market-watchers paying close attention to the B of C.

    PLUS: Prices Climb With Dollar

PENSION REPORT: To Have And Have Not

  • Pension Envy: It's A Pain
    When it comes to pensions, teachers and public- sector workers rank among the "haves", while freelancers and the self-employed are often worried "have-nots". Some of your baby-boomer clients may even be worried they won't be able to retire at all. Are they undersaving? Check out this article for some good news from an industry expert.

    PLUS: Pension Proposals On Fast Track