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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
11 Sep 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

IN THE MONEY: Return of the Patient Capitalist
  • The Money Manager: Vito Maida
    Bounced by Trimark during the height of the tech boom, value manager Vito Maida was undeterred. He did what any money manager worth his salt would do: bounced back and stuck to his investing guns.

    His strategy of keeping roughly three-quarters of client assets in cash has led him to beat the index the past 3 years running. He didn't name his company "Patient Capital Management" for nothing.

  • The Regulator: Eliot Spitzer
    Having cracked some of Wall Street's toughest nuts, New York State Attorney- General Eliot Spitzer is now launching a probe of the stateside mutual fund industry. Eric Reguly notes that some of the sketchy practices Spitzer is targeting occur on Bay Street, too.

    PLUS: Spitzer Launches Probe of Mutual Fund Industry; Alleges Illegal After-Hours Trading


PERSONAL FINANCE: With Globe and Mail Personal Finance Columnist Rob Carrick

  • You May Be Giving Yourself Too Much Credit
    Here's a suggestion you may want to make to your clients: get up-to-date on their credit rating. A recent survey showed just 31% of Canadians have ever checked their own credit reports. Find out why checking it out may prevent unpleasant surprises down the line.


SECTOR NEWS: Steel, Tech and Telecom

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Trusts, Cyclicals, and Positive Fund Sales


  • Ontario Election Call Puts Trust-Liability Issue On Hold
    When Ernie Eves called the provincial election in Ontario, the Tories were literally hours away from passing new laws that would ensure investors cannot be held liable for the activities of the trust, or its trustees.

    Similar laws are already in force in other provinces, and may influence how industrial companies view the trust structure and how attractive it looks to you and your clients. Read Andrew Willis' report.


  • Strategists Call An End To Cyclical Stock Run
    Cyclical sectors have done well since early June, but analysts caution that their valuations are "becoming stretched". Read the article on how to approach this declining-yield environment for cyclicals.


  • Mutual Funds Record Second Month of Gains
    More positive news for the fund industry, as August results show net new sales for the second straight month.