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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
03 Sep 2003

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  • PERSONAL FINANCE: Leave It To The Pros


    EQUITIES OUTLOOK: Running The September Gauntlet

      Markets Kick Off Tricky Month On Positive Note
      September started on an up note for the markets, with analyst upgrades leading the way. Observers say it's time to be selective and watch key indicators.

    • No Fall For Stocks in September?
      The mellow summer season is over — we're buckling down to work. September has been the worst month for the Dow Jones industrial index during the past 15 years. Read why analysts are optimistic for September 2003.
    • Bank and Energy Stocks Have Value in Top-Heavy Market
      Globe and Mail columnist (and chief economist of CIBC World Markets) Jeffrey Rubin points out that earnings are jumping way ahead of valuations in some sectors — but not all. Crude oil and bank stocks are a couple of places where he sees potential.

      Economy Growing Faster, OECD Says
      Canada's economy is outpacing its peers, but experts say that all-too- familiar recent shocks and scares are holding back short-term prospects.


    MARKET UPDATE: Commodities Upside; Income Trust Chicanery?

    • Lowly Copper Shows it's a Metal On the Move
      Investing stars the Contra Guys take a look at a cyclical commodity with tight ties to the global economy. Gold has the glamour, but it's lowly copper that's recently rallied. Here's how to take advantage.
    • Income Trusts Can Dabble in Chicanery, Too
      Derek DeCloet refutes a fallacy of the income trust boom: that trusts aren't vulnerable to Enron-esque balance-sheet trickery. The recent unearthing of income overstatement at Atlas Cold Storage Income Trust (FZR.UN-T — log in and click symbol to view quote) provides a case study.

    SCRUTINIZING THE CAISSE: Money Manager On the Hot Seat