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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
23 July 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: The Value of Advice
  • What's Advice Worth?
    Yes, the advice industry is getting some negative press because compensation is tied to product. But, on the other hand, writes fund analyst Dan Hallett, investors often do more harm than good when flying solo. Not to mention the "lost opportunities to save taxes (while alive or for heirs after death) and the stress, anxiety and loss of family time resulting from having to keep up on all of these things." Read Hallett's reality check.
  • Tiny Band of Zero-Load Fund Advisors
    Rob Carrick details why a small but growing group of advisors chooses to provide no-load funds, and discusses the benefits and drawbacks for advisors, plus the logistics behind making money on trailer fees.
  • UL Insurance Made Easy
    Universal Life (UL) insurance is a complicated product; this article discusses a company that's marketing a simplified version. Covering lapse protection, maximum funding and more, it's a must-read.

REPORT ON INVESTING: Small Caps, Wound-Up Funds, U.S. Stock Outlook, and Golden Diversification

PERSONAL WEALTH: Tips For Your Clients

  • Transferring a Family Cottage To the Kids Can Save Tax
    Many of your clients may be fortunate enough to have a cottage to get away to, and now's the season. You may be able to give them a tax-saving tip: exploit the "principle residence exemption" by putting cottage ownership in an adult child's name.
  • Canada's Wealthy See Assets Slashed
    So much for "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" a bear market spares none; hence, even Canada's wealthiest investors took a painful hit to the pocketbook last year.

REPORT ON PENSIONS: Money Managers Go on the Offensive

  • Pension Funds Sue AOL
    Biting back at alleged duplicity, a behemoth pension fund and a few cohorts are suing megacorp AOL Time Warner for hundreds of millions. Read up on this possibly precedent-setting case.