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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
17 July 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

MUTUAL FUNDS: Finally, Some Good News
  • Slim and Trim Beats the Bear
    Analysis reveals a correlation between funds with a low MER and funds that beat their peers. Rob Carrick slices and dices the data, naming funds that meet both criteria, as well as those that won big despite bigger MERs.


  • Funds Post Stellar Returns
    Fund performance has "turned around dramatically", with 34 out of 35 asset classes showing a positive return in the second quarter. If your clients are still clinging to fixed-income or income-type mutual funds, this info may give them a shot of confidence.

The Lowdown On Low MERs

Here are the 10 Canadian Equity funds with
the highest compound average annual returns
for the three years to June 30, along with
their management expense ratios.




Chou RSP 1.83 +21.9
Saxon Stock 1.75 +11.0
Mackenzie Growth 2.60 +9.8
Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Security C 2.55 +8.3
Beutel Goodman Canadian Intrinsic 1.55 +8.0
Co-Operators Cdn. Conservative Focused Equity 2.56 +7.4
Trimark Canadian Endeavour 2.14 +7.0
Beutel Goodman Canadian Equity 1.38 +6.4
Opus 2 Canadian Growth Equity 2.17 +5.7
CI Signature Select Canadian 2.47 +5.7
Average Canadian Equity Fund 2.70 -4.9%

INCOME TRUST REPORT: Are Your Clients' Trusts RRSP-Safe?

ROB CARRICK: Read What Your Clients Are Reading

    Our inclusion of articles by Rob Carrick is sometimes controversial. Whether you love him for his provocative insights or hate him for his hard-nosed attitude towards the industry, the Globe and Mail's personal finance columnist is always worth reading.

  • Footing the Bill for Fund Trailer Fees
    Trailer fees are part of the price investors pay for ongoing customer service which leads to the question, why do online discount brokerages charge full trailer fees? Read how (and why) some advisory firms have taken a lower-trailer-fee approach.


  • How To Ride the Tech Rally: Is It the Beginning of a Bull Market?
    Tech has resurged do your clients have an appetite for it? Read "counterbalancing arguments" from tech- sector fund managers, plus analysis of best picks.


  • Want To Refinance Your Mortgage? Do It Now
    If you or your clients have procrastinated on wiggling out of existing higher-rate mortgage to refinance at lower rates, great because now is the ideal moment. Here are the two approaches to refinancing, plus some tips to ensure that doing so is worth the hassle and expense.

MARKET UPDATE: Best Bets For Bullish Times

  • Smith Barney Picks
    Do your clients hold US stocks? If so, don't miss Smith Barney's 10th annual list of "exceptional" stocks. Will PepsiCo's Frito Lay division snack on the competition over the next 12 months? Will Applied Materials lead semiconductor stocks higher?


  • Managers Buy Stocks on Improved Outlook
    A July survey of global fund managers shows that they've been buying stocks and selling bonds, in expectation that the world economy will strengthen during the next 12 months.

PENSION NEWS: Erroneous Assumptions

  • More Pension Troubles Seen
    Too much optimism can be dangerous. Example: The rate-of-return assumptions some big pension plans are working with, are seeing the glass as half-full. This might leave the pensions themselves half-empty.