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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
28 March 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: All in the Fund Family

Top 5 Fund Families

 Saxon Funds
 Mawer Mutual Funds
 Mackenzie Financial
 PH&N Investment
 MD Funds Management

Rob CarrickHere's Rob Carrick's eagerly-awaited ranking of the top ten fund families of the past year. While history offers no guarantees, a "commitment to quality" counts for something. How did the funds you deal fare?

  • Statements: Too Much Information
    The mutual fund industry is guilty of "TMI" drowning you and your clients in Too Much Information. Preferable to bygone days of unclear statements, for sure, but your clients may need some guidance in sorting through this flood. John Lorinc reports.
  • Money Market Funds: Fee'd Me
    Managing a money-market fund is a no-brainer. So why are some of them "perpetual fee machines"? Here's the run-down on the real cost to clients of holding various money-market instruments.
  • Hotshot Money Manager of the Month: Ming Lam
    This successful manager of private capital for wealthy investors has an MBA and CFA -- and says it took him "years to unlearn all that stuff." Read about how he replaces conventional risk theory with a buy-and-hold technique he calls "time arbitrage."
  • Your Mutual Fund Is Telling You To Stay Put. Big Surprise
    Read what your clients are reading. Check out Rob Carrick's puncturing analysis of fund-company "propaganda" wherein self-interest is always bubbling to the surface.

Stocks Awed, then Shocked by War Headlines

TAX ADVICE: Shareholder Selling and Pillars of Planning

  • Is Spring a Fine Time For Tax-Loss Selling?
    In past years, the Contrarians have done tax loss selling early -- in spring, not at year-end when everybody's dumping losers. But they're taking a long hard look at this strategy. Is it a good technical call, or are they giving up too much too soon?
  • Do the Five Ds Now To Reap Tax Rewards Later
    Here's a succinct review of the five pillars of tax planning. Your clients would be well-advised to go over these suggestions point-by-point, to ensure that they're exploiting every avenue to keeping their wages in their own pocket. Read Tim Cestnick's tips.