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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
6 March 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

Season Ends Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

  • RRSP Season A Bust For Funds
    What a downer for the industry -- the worst RRSP season in eight years. The president of AIM Funds gripes: "I think if you'd sneezed, you would have missed the RRSP season this year." Just how bad was it? Read Carolyn Leitch's report.

    Also: RRSP Season Ends On A Flat Note
  • Expert Analysis: Season 'Very, Very Quiet'
    Longtime market watchers have psychoanalyzed nervous-nelly investors this RRSP season and conclude:
       • they don't want to commit
       • they're hesitant
       • they're indecisive.
    Tastes, they say, have strayed to more conservative, "vanilla" investments. Read Carolyn Leitch's report.

INVESTMENT INSIGHT: Stocks, Bonds, and Snowbirds

  • Stocks Seen Providing Fatter Return
    Warren Buffet and his ilk may be predicting market gloom, but some analysts are positively perky regarding prospects for '03. Angela Barnes tells why one firm interprets the fundamentals to predict that the TSX Composite index will climb by 12% -- and which sectors experts think will shine brightest.
  • Rising Rates Boost Returns For Investors
    The recent rise in BoC rates is part of a pattern, economists say. Higher rates make bonds and GICs more attractive -- and it's no secret that stocks now are looking rather unattractive.
    Rob Carrick details how your clients can exploit rising rates, to get more out of their fixed-income investments.
    More insight:
    Income Investing Is For Younger Folk in Today's Markets
  • Snowbirds May Have Trouble Making Changes To Their Nestegg
    Onerous regulations stateside are creating headaches for financial advisors with Snowbirds as clients. "Canadian brokers have been known to fire their U.S.-based clients over this," said Warren Baldwin of T.E. Financial. "They tell them to take their $600,000 portfolio and go elsewhere."
  • Hotshot Money Manager of the Month
    The ups and downs of a hedge fund manager: you end one quarter battered by the markets, end the next shining as your picks surge. Check out Fabrice Taylor's article on one hotshot's recent successes -- and a few nasty flubs. Check the profile of Goodwood's Peter Puccetti.

FROM ROB MAGAZINE: Tales of Bay Street Cowboys

  • Report on Business Magazine CoverHighly Unconfident: The Sad Reality that is Bay Street
    Eric Reguly issues a challenge to the presumably smart, motivated, entrepreneurial overachievers in Canada's financial centre: Take some initiative.
    But here's the sad reality: "An investment banker I know says that devious plotting has emerged as the dominant activity in the golden towers -- plotting to ensure that the bullet, when it's fired, drills through the well-coiffed skull of the other guy who covers the same account."
    Read Reguly's analysis of the wilds -- and wiles -- of corporate Canada.
  • Rockwater Capital's Bill, Bill and Bob
    The trio who built Midland Walwyn and sold it for over a billion in the '90s are back on Bay Street. They say they're trying to build a business that leaves advisors freer to recommend whatever's best for the client. Is there room for an independent among bank-owned dealers? 
    Read about the men, the plan, and the naysayers.