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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
12 Feb 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Report on Seg Funds

  • Vexing Complexity
    Rob Carrick investigates why the complexity of seg funds may intimidate investors, and describes a lesser-known benefit of these funds -- creditor protection -- that may offer value to some of your clients.
  • Portfolio Building with Seg Funds
    Segregated funds can do good things for clients who want equity exposure without all the usual risks, but they're no portfolio panacea, writes Rob Carrick.
  • Death and Taxes
    There is no escaping either one, but seg funds can offer a measure of protection, Matthew Ingram writes.
  • Slightly More Sedate
    The seg funds now on offer are more conservative, less complex than in years past. A caveat: they also have weaker guarantees and, in some cases, higher fees.

INVESTING: Irrational Valuations...Market Turmoil

  • Irrational Tech-Stock Exuberance, Anyone?
    Talk of the swelling tech-stock bubble sounds like a headline from '99. But checking out the P/E multiples some household tech names are trading at, just might give you deja vu. Read Matthew Ingram's report.
  • An Olive Branch For Wary Investors
    "A few months where nothing terrible happens" would go a long way in getting Canadians to have faith in the markets again, Carolyn Leitch writes.
    If your clients are getting itchy "sell" fingers now, here's evidence they shouldn't pull the trigger -- and the case for optimism.

PERSONAL FINANCE: From The Globe and Mail

  • Investing Smarts Help Retiree Build Portfolio
    This article about a retired former management consultant and self-described "conservative investor" who manages his own stock portfolio, illustrates how even small-time investors can realize decent results, if discipline is applied.
  • Software Developer Tries Tax Deferral
    This case study of a recovering tech investor outlines key tax strategies and provides advice on how to change clients' 'reactive' approach to investing into a strategic plan.
  • Couple Tries to Cope With Vancouver Prices
    Going beyond the usual tips to live frugally, a financial advisor provides a couple with advice on how to pay down their mortgage faster, and stabilize their portfolio.
  • PLUS: Employer Contributions To RRSPs Make Sense
    Here's a hot tip from Globe and Mail tax expert Tim Cestnick: get your clients' employers to help them maximize their RRSP contributions. Paying salary directly to an RRSP account sounds simple -- but the amount of possible tax savings may surprise you.