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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
7 Feb 2003

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SPOTLIGHT: 15-Year Mutual Fund Review
  • Funds in for the Really Long Haul
    Personal Finance Columnist Rob Carrick takes an insightful look into the approach and success secrets of the managers behind some of Canada's oldest funds, and discovers that a long life and decent returns often go hand in hand.
    Log in and view a fund report containing some of the oldest funds in Canada
  • Northwest Manager Wins by Sticking With Style
    Value investing, ignoring fads, a small number of holdings and a natural resources focus put Wayne Deans' fund in the No. 2 spot over 15 years. Strong performance, but investors have had a wild ride.
  • How Old Money Can Beat The Bear
    "The rich are different from you and me," F. Scott Fitzerald quipped, to which Ernest Hemingway reportedly replied, "Yes they have more money."
    How did high-end money managers handle the bear market of the past three years? One institutional shop has generated returns of 14.7 per cent annually. Read Andy Willis's full report.

PORTFOLIO STRATEGY: Ethical, Balanced and Core Approaches

  • Ethical Funds: Interest Rises in Wake of Scandals
    Socially screened funds in Canada last year held $9.85-billion in assets, including $4.32-billion in mutual funds and $5.53-billion in labour-sponsored venture capital funds.
    Not huge numbers. But it turns out that clients who buy in to the ethical fund concept may be more determined than others to stay invested, even in the face of market adversity. Read the full Globe and Mail report
  • Balanced Funds: One-Decision Shopping and a Smoother Ride
    Reporter Carolyn Leitch explores the pros and cons of the balanced fund option for clients, including the reduced shock factor when clients see steady balanced fund returns on their statements versus double digit declines in equity funds.
    Click here to view balanced fund picks from the experts

  • Investors Flee Mutual Funds
    For the tenth month in a row, the fund industry has seen net redemptions; Canadians pulled $760- million from mutual funds in January. The obvious question: Where to put all this cash?
  • Core Funds Anchor Portfolio
    This article, originally published in The Wall Street Journal, warns: Don't let every "good-looking fund" catch your eye. Pick one to three core funds and reap the benefits in stability.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Bay Street Winks; Regulators Unimpressed