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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
17 Jan 2003

Current Issue | Subscribe to Advisor Focus | Back Issues

SPOTLIGHT: Best Practices for 2003

  • Avoid These Eight Investing Mistakes
    Don't take Bay Street too seriously. Don't overuse money market funds. Rob Carrick offers these and a few more caveats to consider when investing clients' money.
    Not benchmarking your portfolio and ignoring bonds are also named as common mistakes. Wise investors (and their counsellors) will take heed: in the quest for portolio returns, avoiding pitfalls is half the battle.
  • Do The Little Things Right to Save on Tax This Year
    You want to keep your clients' money in their own pockets -- not Ottawa's coffers. Tim Cestnick's strategies to "disguise" income and "dodge" taxes offer safe -- and legal -- methods to save on tax. Read Tim Cestnick's advice.
  • The Growth Spin: Let Us Pray We Don't Get Fooled Again
    In these jaded post-bubble days, growth is out. But Fabrice Taylor points out it's "impostor" growth we should be shunning -- that is, non- sustainable growth based on outside capital and chronic acquisitions. Where do savvy stock pickers find real growth now?

Experts Make Their Calls on Stocks and Funds

  • Questions Surround Stocks For '03
    In this quarterly stock roundtable, analysts are thinking positive, yet warn of possible market upsets in the current unstable political climate. Two American and two Canadian experts weigh in, and they're naming names. Read the roundtable report.
  • In Search Of This Year's Midas Touch
    Everybody wants to know the "killer fund category" that will blow away all others, like precious metals did in 2003. With Canadian equities lagging, can fixed income or emerging markets add zip to portfolios? Rob Carrick canvasses fund managers to get their calls.

Rules Tighten Up, Companies Shape Up

  • Firms Getting Serious About Governance
    It's clean-up time in corporate Canada's boardrooms. Some firms are just dipping a toe into governance review and reform; in other cases, past problems have been glaring enough to warrant OSC investigation. Read Janet McFarland's report.
  • SEC Tough On Governance Exemptions
    The OSC wants interlisted Canadian companies to be held to provincial rules -- not US rules. But the beleaguered SEC, keen to improve perceptions of its industry, isn't handing out blanket exemptions.
  • "If Push Comes To Shove, Start The Good Governance Boardroom Revolt Without Me"
    In this satirical piece originally published in ROB magazine, a top-secret strategy meeting of institutional money managers fails to produce a strategy or remain a secret.