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ADVISOR FOCUS - a newsletter from
13 Jan 2003

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SPOTLIGHT: Pushing the Limits on RRSPs

No Good Reason To Raise RRSP Contribution Limit
With retirement planning for the baby boom generation now a key public policy issue, some observers say raising the RRSP limit above the current 18% is a policy idea whose time has come.
Not so fast, warns Globe and Mail Personal Finance columnist Rob Carrick.
He points to the already-low capital gains tax rate, and the fact that most people don't use anywhere near all the RRSP room allotted to them.
Will raising the limit give investors better incentive to save, helping secure financial futures? Or would such a change benefit only a privileged few?

  • ALSO: RRSPs Losing Favour: Survey
    Carolyn Leitch reports: "Canadians plan to cut back contributions to their retirement savings plans this year and take fewer risks with the money, a survey sponsored by Toronto-Dominion Bank shows."
    The amount in dollars respondents said they planned to invest in RRSPs in 2003 is down 20% on average, compared to plans at the time of last year's poll.

NEWSMAKER: David Dodge

  • The Buck Stops Here
    He's got implementing the GST and beating the deficit on his resume.
    Now, the buck -- the beleaguered Canadian dollar, that is -- stops with David Dodge.
    The straight-shooting Bank of Canada governor is rarely accused of sending mixed signals. In this ROB Magazine article, Dodge grants an in-depth one-on-one interview for the first time ever.


  • John Crow's 1.5 Per Cent Solution
    The staunch anti-inflation policies of former B of C governor John Crow shape Canada's economy to this day. Globe and Mail Economics Reporter Bruce Little reviews Crow's new book, Making Money: An Insider's Perspective on Finance, Politics, and Canada's Central Bank. It's required reading for those who want to create or understand economic policy.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Analysts See Merger Trend Picking Up Speed On Bay Street


  • Stars and Dogs of 2002
    An amusing take on the winners and losers among stocks and mutual funds -- from Nortel's 22-year low to Sprott's defiance of the law of gravity.