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Techniques for Tax Savings
This section will teach you general concepts about tax saving. These are ideas that, if used in every day life, will result in a lifetime's worth of tax savings. 
Tips for Your Personal Return
This section will help you save taxes on your personal tax return.
CalculatorGlossary of Tax Terms New
Scratching your head at a tax term you've seen? Look it up here.

Taxation of Investment Income
The tax treatment of investment income is different from that of regular income. Learn about the different types of investment income and how to save taxes on each.
Tax on Companies

Canadians own their own businesses and many are considering starting their own business. Learn the unique tax treatments of each of the types of companies as well as some tax saving tips for each of them.

Ernst & Young Tax Calculators
Use this calculator to see what you have to pay, and what you can save, on taxes this year.
Tax Software
Thinking of purchasing tax software? Read Rob Carrick's reviews first.
Tax Tips
View our archive of tax-related articles by expert Tim Cestnick.
All tax-related news stories
Personal Tax Planning Guide
This guide from the Certified General Accountants of Ontario is filled with tips to help you minimize your income tax payable.
How to Select an Accountant
This checklist from the Certified General Accountants of Ontario will help you choose an accountant that meets your needs

Tax Forms
Get the forms and information you need to file your return.

T.I.P.S. On-line
Find out the status of your tax refund, your RRSP deduction limit and more.

File On-line
File your personal tax return on-line using the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's NETFILE service.

File by Phone
File your personal tax return by telephone using the CCRA's TELEFILE service.

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